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February 8-12, 2016

This week, students will be continuing our STEM fair experiment: Will seeds grow faster and taller if planted with eggshells and soil? All of our seeds have sprouted and are being measured daily by our young scientists. Each group is responsible for working as a team and making daily observations, as we work to discover if our hypothesis was correct-"If we plant bean seeds with soil and crushed eggshells, then our seeds will grow taller and faster."

When we are not working on our STEM fair experiment, students will be continuing our study of space and the solar system. On Wednesday, students will be having an open book review quiz of "The Sun, Moon, and Earth".

Both 3rd and 4th grade will learning to divide during math. Third grade is working on dividing by 2, 10, and 5 this week, while fourth grade is reviewing beginning division skills and learning to apply this to multi-digit division equations.

Within ELA-reading, we will be reading "Paul Bunyon" and working on responding to text-dependent questions and properly restating the question, while using text evidence. We will be sequencing events within the story and comparing and contrasting "Paul Bunyon" and "Knots on a Counting Rope". Students are also working as a group of 7 to create the most accurate sequence and summary of "The Empty Pot". During writing, we are working on reviewing opinion writing (OREO) and writing about "Which pet is better? A dog or a cat?" Students are to use the two provided articles for evidence and develop an opinion about the best pet. Our grammar focus is on reviewing adjectives and our spelling words for the week are a continuation of R-controlled vowels (Bossy R), words that have -er within them.

Valentine's Card Exchange on Friday, 2-12-2016. If your child would like to bring in cards, please make sure they have a card for each student (15 total students). A class list went home last Monday.

Science Open-Book Quiz on Wednesday

Spelling Test on Friday