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Media Literacy

Media Literacy is very important in today's society. Without it, we can't know what's going in the world. We would be ignorant to the issues that plague our world. The Media does not fix our problems. The Media can take shape or form as television or the radio we listen to. We can either accept the information or ignore it, but the statements are there. For example, we would have never known that Michael Brown got shot if the news had not reported the incident. Also, the media is used to persuade to buy or invest your time into something. For example, the media use television to show children in hospitals as advertisement. The media has some negative qualities. The media can be very manipulative to the viewers behind closed doors. The media likes to lie about an event or exaggerate little problems Too many times, they say something one thing then they do something totally different.

To me, kids are more media literate than adults. We spend hours upon hours on our iPhones, music, television, and social network. For example, when we post a lot of pictures or news on Facebook or Twitter, we start to become more and more media literate. Being media literate takes time and devotion; it does not happen overnight. Like I said before, we have to know what's happening around us at all times. Having apathy about the media can endanger your life one day. The media may not always be true, but it is accessible to us.

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In my opinion, people today in this society are brain washed. For example, technology is in control of our very lives. Our smartphones and I pads are occupying space in our minds. In fact, we no longer have to think and figure out problems. Technology, these days have allowed to us to think for themselves. Now when we have think for ourselves, the brain is too weak to comprehend what’s going on. Instead of increasing our desire to advance technology, we need to equip our brain to think. Thinking may not sound important right now, but in the future we must see the value of being intelligent.

I also see in that passage is lack of zest for living every day. Like in 1984, people have this mindset of doing things without any passion or zest. Every day is a gift from God whether we chose to believe it or not. We can be alive the next day and gone the next. We should chose to be happy and excited to see what today has brought. The characters in 1984 are almost living without some kind of purpose. For example, O’Brien seems to live like he is living forever. Tomorrow is not promised to us yet; we continue to live life as if life is not worth living anymore.

Music plays a major part of controlling us. In fact, I believe music is the successful type of persuasion today. However, great music can create a world change in my opinion. For example, After Marvin Gaye sang the popular song “What’s Going On?,” people were more concerned about the Vietnam War. Music has a habit of making people face issues of this world. Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come” was a very famous social change song. The song was about racial prejudice and simultaneously created an outcry for the civil rights protests at the time of 1964. Music is like a tool that can get us where we need to go.

TV is another instrument that can cause to be controlled. Often times, we are obsessed or we want to be like somebody. For example, most every basketball player wants to be the next Stephen Curry or Chris Paul. For entrepreneurs, we would like to be the next Steve Jobs or Kim Kardashian. Although it is good to set our goals high, we should be carefully not to be exactly like our role models. God has made us to be ourselves. TV also advertises products to make themselves look superior. A great example of this statement is Cover Girl. Cover Girl have sold 43 brands to women and made 12.3 billion deals within the past year. They often try so hard to persuade young women to look like models, but not knowing the consequences. Women are beautiful in their own way but magazines tell them otherwise. This goes for men as well as for men. We try really hard also to be someone that we are not.

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“I don’t know anything about David Duke” – Donald Trump

Donald Trump said this big lie in a news conference on February 28, 2016

Begins when Duke said that he supports Trump’s candidacy and told listeners of his radio program to “get active” for Trump. Two days later Trump claimed his ignorance 4 times.

I must know that Donald Trump claims he is not racist, but he is.

“ Gun violence is by far the leading cause of death for young African American men, outstripping the nest 9 causes of death combined”- Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton said this true statement in a Harlem conference on March 15th, 2016

It begin with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton offered a touching speech about gun violence and minority youth.

I must know that Hillary Clinton is concerned about the numbers of African American youths being killed by gun violence.

“More than once, I’ve actually had a conversation with the protesters on substances.” – Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz said this true statement on March 13th, 2016 in a Chicago conference.

It all begin when an angry farmer in Iowa challenged Cruz on his position against the ethanol mandate (as many cameras and microphones lurked). Here’s a snippet of their exchange:

Voter: "Why are trying to put salt on our injuries and wanting to take away our subsidies for biofuels?"

Cruz: "Well sir, I’m not."

Voter: "Yes, you are, you made that statement. Don’t tell me you’re not. You’re going to keep it for the big oil people in Texas."

Cruz: "Sir, I’m happy to have a conversation with you but not to yell."

Voter: "I’ll quit yelling."

Cruz: "Okay, I’m happy to have a conversation, but I’ll treat you respectfully."

Voter: "I don’t understand it (Cruz’s ethanol position)."

Cruz: "Okay, I’m happy to answer."

Cruz then explained his policy views to the voter for six minutes and answered additional questions.

I must know that Cruz tries to treat supporters as well as protesters in a civic and respectful manner.

I really do believe that the candidates are a joke especially Donald Trump. He is nothing but an arrogant businessman. All he does is talk and do crazy stuff.

Smore 3

Smore 3

In the commercial “Mountain Dew Kickstart – Puppymonkeybaby”, three guys were sitting on the couch in boredom when a creature called the puppymonkeybaby handled them a mountain dew Kickstart. The men seemed very confused until they engaged with the creature by dancing. The Mountain Dew Kickstart was trying to connect society’s form of eccentricity and humor. In this commercial, they targeting teenagers and young adults with energy in a humorous way.

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In the eyes of the people, a revolution can change a bad situation or even the world. A revolution is a radical shift in society and the social structure. Some revolutions can be used for good or bad; either way you can’t help but notice and criticize uprisings. For example, the Stono Rebellion was a huge revolution to remember. In fact, the Stono Rebellion was the largest slave revolt ever produced in the 13 colonies.

The Stono Rebellion all started in 1739 in Stono River. The Stono River is located off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina. The slaves in South Carolina was being mistreated just like every other slave in the South. They were tired being mistreated and was determined to change their fate. Little did the slave masters know what was going to occur. The slave revolt was lead under the leadership of a man named Jemmy. Jemmy had an intense African yen for liberty. He wanted to be free at any cost.

The slave army gathered at the Stono River and attacked a warehouse-like store, Hutchenson’s. After raiding the store, the slaves started to execute white owners and placed their heads on the store’s front steps for everyone to witness. The massacre of white folks was brutal. Soon, the slave army marched on to a colony toward St. Augustine, Fla., where under Spanish law, they would be free. They moved on to other houses in the area, killing the innocent people and burning buildings. The slaves paraded down King’s Highway, according to sources, carrying banners and shouting, “Lunkango” meaning liberty in their native Kikongo language. Despite of the massive killings of people, the slave army were only 100 people. However more than a week later, the English fought them off and the colonies helped and killed most of the freedom fighters.

In my opinion, I believe that the desire and audacity of those slaves drove them to make a change by violence. Those slaves were tortured regularly and obsessively. What if you were whipped or burned alive all the time, would you want to have revenge for all the wrong doings someone did to you? If I was a slave, I would definitely reacted and started a revolt the same way. Not only for African American people but for everyone dealing with political and social oppression.

When I think of revolutions today, I always think about #BlacklivesMatter. When Michael Brown got shot August 9th, 2014, Twitter and Social Media created a hashtag saying that African American lives matter. As a result, thousands upon thousands of people are saying and using this powerful statement. In “1984”, this event reminds of Winston speaking to O’Brien. O’ Brien was questioning Winston’s loyalty to the Brotherhood. Like the revolution, Winston was ready to do anything to obtain liberty. Instead of physically bondage, Winston was stuck in a mental bondage dealing with the Party’s and Big Brother’s lies. Revolutions only belong to those who are courageous and willing to do anything for the greater good.
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My thoughts about Media Literacy have deeply changed within the school year. For quite a while, I thought that Media Literacy was used for important information about world issues. However, I learned that people use Media for other reasons such as entertainment and propaganda. Media can come in different shape and forms; it can be the internet, government, television, or even the radio. Likewise, Media is one of the best ways to spread good or evil ideas. Media can manipulate or bend the truth in a very eloquent manner. Other times, the Media cannot or refuse to tell the viewers the truth.

I learned that I must not allow myself to get addicted to Social Media. Social Media has a way of convincing viewers including me. Whether I am hearing the news or looking at my phone, the Media seems to creep itself into my life. Social Media is like a fox and the audience is its prey, the Media waits for their audience to respond in fear and then figuratively chase after the audience.

Furthermore, I learned that I can’t always believe what the media says. “Our job is to report news, not fabricate it. That’s the government’s job (V for Vendetta)” provides a perfect example of Social Media manipulation. The media provides the news and our government makes the news prettier than it really is. In my opinion, people in today’s society can’t tell what’s true and what a lie is. If we really want to know what the truth, we have to ask our teachers or government officials.

This class is so different from the other Language Arts classes because this class encourages deep thinking to world issues. In a typical Language Arts class, you read books, take multiple choice tests without ever thinking. However, Mrs. Hicks demands you to ponder on hard subjects. I think it is good for the brain to meditate on sensitive topics.

I honestly think doing more Socratic Seminars would make the class better. If everyone is annotating articles all day, people are more entitled to not think about the topic of the article. At least in Socratic Seminars, students have the chance to think. Overall, I really enjoy Mrs. Hick’s class.

Entry 8

I honestly believe that technology can be used for both good and bad purposes. For example, some people such as activists use technology to make a social change. On the other hand, some people use technology for selfish uses such as entertainment and YouTube videos. It is good to use technology however we must not let it control our lives. Therefore, I came up with some ways technology cannot be a permanent issue.

To begin with, we should use technology all the time. Whether we are talking to friends or family, we should give technology. For example, instead of talking on the phone with friends, we can actually walk over to their house and spending time with them. Technology comes and goes, but the friendship we make are everlasting. Also, we can go the gym with our family members instead of using Facebook. We will never know when our loved ones will be gone permanently.

To me, technology is not a type of “drug” we can’t control. Technology does not have some type of chemical in it. We can definitely control what technology has to offer. All we have to do is show some self-discipline and get away from it sometimes. Technology can include television, radio, internet, or social media.

I can harness the power of technology by keeping a time restriction on how long I use it. For example, I can use the computer for an hour instead of 4 hours. Not only that, I can have someone like my mom holding me accountable. I may be furious with her now but I will thank her in the long run. Technology was never the most important area of my life. Little, precious gifts such as family, friends, and life is what’s important. The younger generation must learn that life should not be taken for granted and to always be aware of it.