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Bear Bulletin

December 6, 2021-December 10, 2021

Woodville's Encore showcase Sep 21 - Dec 2, 2021
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Morning Arrival & Afternoon Dismissal Procedures

Morning Arrival
  • Doors open for student at 7:30a.m.
  • Daily instruction begins at 7:45a.m.
  • Bus Loop-Bus riders only
  • Door 34- Kindergarten & 1st Grade walkers & parent drop-off
  • Main entrance-4th & 5th Grade walkers & parent drop-off
  • Door 2-2nd &3rd grade walkers and parent-drop-off
  • Breakfast is available for students at each entrance!

Afternoon Dismissal

  • Dismissal begins at 2:45p.m.; teachers will be providing instruction until that time; we encourage our students and teachers to remain engaged in instructional until 2:45p.m., every minute of teaching and learning counts.
  • Bus Loop-Bus and van riders only
  • Door 34- Kindergarten & 1st Grade parent drop-off
  • Main entrance-4th & 5th Grade parent drop-off
  • Door 2-2nd &3rd grade walkers and parent-drop-off

Please ensure that you have your ID if you are picking up a student and know your student's Woodville pick-up number.

Dates To Remember

December 2021

December 9, 2021-Woodville's Winter Wonderland Concert

December 20-December 31st-RPS Schools are closed for Winter Break

Woodville Elementary Annual Winter Concert

Join us on Thursday December 9th, 2021 from 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm for our Annual Winter Concert! Enjoy student musical performances outside behind Woodville Elementary with complimentary hot chocolate and cookies! Please RSVP by returning the blue forms to your students teacher, or click on this link to RSVP online!

Flashlight Friday Shoutouts!

*Ms. Kennedy & Ms. Harris want to s/o their student of the week Christopher Bunche!

*Ms. Jenkins-Rogers will like to shout out Rashi Clanton-Smith and Aaliyah Royal for exhibiting Woodville Expectations.

*Ms. Jenkins-Rogers & Ms. Russell will like to shout out their student of the week Mioki Marrow!

Ms. Crosswhite & Mrs. T. Jones would like to send a shout out to those students who work hard and attend school everyday on time: Kaden Jaden, Christian, Chance, Sa'Morie, Sincere. Way to go Bears! We are proud of you!

*Ms C. Jones want to shout out her entire class for switching to hybrid and rocking it!

*Second grade would like to S/O Mr. Savage for all the support! We appreciate you!!

*Ms. Malancone would like to S/O Jeremiah Horne, Elijah Jordan, Jer'Ziyah Elam, Gerniya Wallace, Amirah Hopkins El, Wilasia Poag and Khali Jones for coming t5o school everyday this week!!

Virginia Growth Assessment Parent Portal Information

Dear Parents, Guardian, & Caregivers,

The Virginia Assessment Parent Portal, located at https://va-results.pearsonaccessnext.com, is a new web-based portal where caregivers can gain access to student's test results for certain statewide assessments. Currently, this includes test results from the Fall 2021 Grades 3-8 Reading and Mathematics Growth Assessments that your child completed earlier in this school year.

You will be able to review your student’s Student Detail by Question (SDBQ) Report for each test completed this fall and, in most cases, you will be able to view a personalized video that accompanies the SDBQ Report for your child. Additional resources can be found on the Virginia Department of Education’s website (https://tinyurl.com/VAparentpage) to assist with your child's academic needs. The following documents can be used to help assist you in interpreting your student’s growth assessment results:

To create your Virginia Assessment Parent Portal account, follow the instructions provided in the attached user’s guide. Once your account has been created and activated, you will use your child’s demographic information and the Claim Code provided by your school to add your child’s test results to your account. Note that claim codes are case sensitive.

Woodville's Online Spirit Store

Our school store is open to staff, students, parents, and the community through Friday, December 17th. Orders will be shipped to the school in 2-3 weeks after the online store closes (around January 7th).

Please show your school spirit and support our school store! Click the link below to access the online store. https://patriciasspiritwear.tuosystems.com/stores/woodville

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Parents/Guardians/Care Givers

Vision and Hearing screenings are mandated by Code of Virginia Law 22.1-273 for all new students and selected grades within the elementary and middle school levels. The school nurse or qualified community partner will conduct screenings and referrals will be sent home.

If you do not wish for your child to participate please provide a written notice to your child’s school nurse.

Richmond Public Schools will complete the following screenings:

Height and Weight screenings will be completed on students in grades K, 1, 3, 4, 7, and 8.

Vision and Hearing screenings will be completed on students in grades Pre-K, K, 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, and 11.

It is through this screening process that potential problems can be identified and addressed prior to any adverse effect on school performance. You will be notified of the screening process results only if the need for further evaluation is indicated.

In accordance with the Code of Virginia, Richmond Public Schools provides educational material on scoliosis to parents of students in grades 5 through 10. The Scoliosis Fact Sheet is included on the back of this document.



Scoliosis is the abnormal curvature of the spine. While the normal spine has gentle natural curves that round the shoulders and make the lower back curve inward, scoliosis involves a deformity of the spinal column and rib cage. To varying degrees, the spine curves from side-to-side, and some of the spinal bones may rotate slightly, making the hips or shoulders appear uneven. This curving of the spine cannot be corrected by practicing good posture.

It occurs in healthy school-age children, showing signs usually during the ages of 10-14 when a growth spurt may occur. The majority of scoliosis cases are caused from an unknown source.

This condition may run in families and is seen more often in girls than boys. A large number of young people have minor curves that will not progress. Early screening and treatment may prevent scoliosis from progressing to a stage where it interferes with mobility or activities.


Scoliosis can go unnoticed in a child because it is rarely painful in the developmental years. Early detection is important to make sure the curve does not progress. If detected early, many cases if needed can be controlled by a brace and exercise program. If surgery is indicated, the best results are obtained if it is completed before the curve is severe.

Parents should watch for the following symptoms of scoliosis beginning when their child is about 8 years of age:

A tilted head that does not line up over the hips

Uneven shoulders or a protruding shoulder blade

Uneven waist

One hip that is higher than the other causing an uneven hem or shirt line

Leaning more to one side than another

The family doctor, pediatrician, or orthopedist should examine your child when any one of these signs is present.


The type of treatment used depends on the cause and how severe the curve. Spinal curvature is measured by degree. Most curves remain small and need only to be watched by a doctor for any signs of progression.

If a curve does progress, your physician may use an orthopedic brace to prevent it from getting worse. Children who require treatment with orthopedic braces can continue to participate in the full range of physical and social activities.

If a scoliosis curve is severe when it is first seen, or if treatment with a brace does not control the curve, surgery may be necessary. In these cases surgery has been found to be highly effective and safe treatment.


American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (www.aaos.org), Call 800-346-AAOS

National Scoliosis Foundation (www.scoliosis.org), Call 800-673-6922

The Scoliosis Association, Inc. (www.scoliosis-assoc.org), Call 800-800-0669

Scoliosis Research Society (www.srs.org), Call 847-823-7186

For more information, please call School Health Services:

Na-Keisha A. White

Coordinator, School Health Services

119 W Leigh Street, 3rd Floor

Richmond, VA 23220

(804) 780-7801

Health & Wellness Information

Please take the time to review the information regarding health & wellness! Since we have returned to in-person learning it is our goal to keep our students, faculty, and staff safe and healthy so that learning can take place. Review the daily health & wellness screener to be completed before students leave home each day. Also, please ensure that your son/daughter has on a mask each morning when they leave the house.
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Fall Lit Limo Schedule

The RPS Lit Limo is back!! Below you will find the fall schedule; please come out and visit our Lit Limo Team when they make stops in your neighborhood!! The Lit Limo will make stops at Woodville Elementary each Tuesday at 3:30p.m.