March 23rd - 28th

This week at Icahn 4

Important information 3/23 - 3/28

ELA Carnival:

  • Please let me know if you are participating in the carnival, what game you would like to run and what materials are needed.

Special Programs:

  • I am in the process of updating the website. For those of you who run after school programs please send me a blurb about what you have been doing with your groups along with any photos and videos you may have.

IEP Meetings:

  • Please make sure your teacher reports are submitted to Ms. Cisneros by the end of the day. Mr. Quiza, Ms. Carpenter & Ms. King will cover the following classes while the teachers are in the IEP meeting. (See March 26th)

Morning tutoring:

  • Please make sure to get your students by 8:00.

Lesson Summary:

  • Please update your lesson summary in dropbox
  • Please take some time to divide your resources in the shared dropbox for your grade by Marking Period. In your Marking Period folder, divide resources and Unit Plans by subject and in subject make a folder for assessments.

Observations (4th Marking Period 2/23 - 4/2):

Move This World:(please print out the schedule for your records)

  • Ms. Samatha Blain will return in March. Please continue to reinforce in your class SEL (Social Emotional Learning) Standards for your grade.
  • Interested in becoming a member of our school's transformation team? (sign up now)

MONDAY, March 23rd

  • Common Core Writer's Workshop (Rae Talley), All teachers please see her in the conference room during your prep.
  • Report Cards due to the office
  • Please fill out this form if you need your baskets replenished. Ms. Pelle & Ms. Edwards, will receive your responses and update your 100 Book Challenge bins as needed.
  • Formal observations:

    Ms. Betances

    Ms. Carpenter

    Ms. Downing

    Ms. Demo

TUESDAY, March 24th

  • Move this World: GROUP ONE (4th Grade & 5th Grade)

9:20 am: 5th Grade: (Matula: Room 210) Session 2: Building the trust: Group Agreements; Ethical Behavior

10:10 am: 4th Grade: (Laricchia: Room B12) Session 3: Exploring, Identifying, and Expressing Emotion: Building Different Forms of Dialogue

11: 00 am: 5th Grade: (Davis: Room 211) Session 2: Establishing Trust: Group Agreements

11:45 am: 4th Grade: (Courman: Room B13) Session 4: Recognizing Differences: Appreciating Diversity

12:30 pm: Meeting w/ Transformation Team

After School Tutoring 4:00 - 5:45

Grades 3 - 7
  • 3rd grade (Carpenter & Xenos)
  • 4th grade (Laricchia & Courman)
  • 5th Grade (Matula & Davis)
  • 6th Grade (Taylor & Magiraga)
  • 7th Grade (Khullar & Cheriyan)

WEDNESDAY, March 25th

THURSDAY, March 26th

  • IEP Meetings (Please make sure you send the teacher report to Ms. Cisneros by Monday March 23rd).
Ashley Isaak-9:00 a.m. (Quiza)
Aisatou Saho -10:00 a.m. (Quiza)
Solomon Shoulders-11:00 a.m. (Luongo)
Machai Cousins-12:00 noon (Downing)
Maurice New-1:00 p.m (Betances)
Savannah Peays-2:00 p.m (Luongo)

  • Teaching Matters: Mr. DeLaCruz (Grades 4 & 7) Schedule to follow

  • ThinkCerca Lunch Meeting (12:30 - 2:00: Grades 4 -7 w/ Laura Holmes ; Lunch will be provided)

  • Move This World: GROUP TWO (K & 1st Grade)

9:20 am: Kindergarten: (Pagan: Room 113) Session 4: Expressing Emotions and Communicating

10:10 am: 1st Grade: (Ferdinand: Room 112) Session 4: Expressing emotions and Communicating

11: 00 am: Kindergarten: (Shepherd: Room 111) Session 4: Expressing Emotions and Communicating

11:45 am: 1st Grade: (Malota: Room 110) Session 4: Expressing emotions and Communicating

12:30 pm: Meeting w/ Transformation Team

  • Parent Workshop: 5:30 - 7:00

Repertorio Espanol

Thursday, March 26th, 10am to Friday, March 27th, 12pm

138 E 27th St

New York, NY

7th Grade: Mr. Cartegena

After School Tutoring

Grades 3 - 7
  • 3rd grade (Carpenter & Xenos)
  • 4th grade (Laricchia & Courman)
  • 5th Grade (Matula & Davis)
  • 6th Grade (Taylor & Magiraga)
  • 7th Grade (Khullar & Cheriyan)

FRIDAY, March 27th

  • Set up for Carnival 4:00 - 6:00pm

Liberty Science Center

Friday, March 27th, 9-11am

222 Jersey City Blvd, Jersey City, NJ 07305

2nd Grade: Arvonio & Xenos

SATURDAY, March 28th

Saturday Academy: 9 - 12

Strategy Carnival: 1 - 4

Upcoming : Week of March 30th - April 3rd

Monday, 30th: TBD

Tuesday, 31st: Half Day (Parent Teacher Conference)

Wednesday, 1st: April Fool's Day; 4th - 6th Grade American Museum of Natural History

Thursday, 2nd: Half Day (Spring Break)

Friday April 3 - Monday April 10th: Spring Break

School resumes April 13th

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