My New iPad

What do I do now?

After Setup

You have just setup your new iPad. It is loaded with....potential. And that's it.

Right now you don't have any apps downloaded, so we still have lots to do to get you up and running with your new iPad! Let's get started!

Customizing Your Settings

This is your school iPad to use. You may customize it how you like. Just remember all information and pictures can be viewed at any time by any adult in the school. Your teacher will let you know what is appropriate and what is not appropriate.

So, go customize some things....

Adding Apps

There will be an app on your iPad called Self Service. You will be able to see a list of apps that you can download from Self Service. Please, only download the apps that your teachers ask you to download. You can download the pre-approved games from Self Service. If they become a distraction, your teacher can ask you to delete them. You will need your Apple ID and Apple ID password to download apps from Self Service.

Accessing the Internet at Home

Accessing wireless internet, or Wi-Fi, at home or somewhere other than school requires that you go through Z-Scaler. You login to this differently than you do everything else. Below is a link to the directions for your Z-Scaler login. Here's what you need to do so that you have this information at home.

1. Open Notes on your iPad.

2. Title the note "Accessing the Internet Outside of School".

3. Close notes.

4. Take a picture of the poster located below or a screen shot if your teacher is letting you access this site.

5. Open Notes and go to the note you just created. Tap and chose "insert Photo".

6. Tell the Camera to Allow Access.

7. Go to Camera Roll and choose the picture of the poster.

8. Type your Z-Scaler user information below the picture.

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Need Help Accessing the Internet at Home?

Things to Remember

  • You must already have wireless internet at your home. If you do not have Wifi at your home, you will not have access to the internet at your house.
  • Make sure you type in your login information correctly. It is not the same as your Gaggle information!
  • Make sure you are typing in your password correctly. Your password is simply your lunch number.
  • If you can't figure it out, send Ms. Love a short email at with a screenshot of the problem. She will get back to you as soon as possible.
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Calendar App

Take some time to get to know your calendar app. You can add important dates for school and personal.

Managing iPads at Home

Managing electronic devices at home can be a challenge for any parent whether it’s an iPad, smart phone, video games, computers, or TV. There are several options to consider when it comes to your student’s iPad. Parents should begin by identifying their concerns. Do you want to limit time spent with games or apps not needed for school or restrict access to the web? It is a good idea to talk with your child’s teacher(s) to discuss concerns and options. It is also important to spend a little time with your child to see how they are using the iPad. If you still have concerns, please contact Ms. Love at School.

Management Idea #1

Use this simple but effective plan at home - All electronics are on the kitchen table at a certain time in the evening. In other words, set up a place where electronics are placed after a certain time and kids have no access to them. A great solution for families whose primary concern is the amount of time their student is spending with electronics.

Management Idea #2

Create “Tech Tickets” at home. Each paper ticket is worth 10 minutes of free choice media time. Tech Tickets are earned and may be used with permission for playing video games, watching TV, or playing on the iPad. The iPad may only be used otherwise for schoolwork. This helps parents and children manage their own time and control.

Management Idea #3

The School can impose iPad restrictions per parent request. This includes taking away a students ability to download apps and/or restrict website access. With this option the management of the iPad is essentially taken over by the school per family expectations. This is an easy solution for families who wish to closely monitor use of apps such as games, but means updates and new apps take extra time and consideration out of a students school day.