Born 2 B Wild

By: Cam Piechowski 7th Grade 6th Hour Literacy

The Dangers for the Animals

Exotic animals can suffer when they are kept as pets. Exotic animals that are kept as house pets are forced into strange places they can not adapt that include place they can't go in like an area where there claws can be removed or be stuck in a building which they can't adapt too.

The Dangers for some People

The dangers for some for people are: Some wild and exotic pets could come up with some diseases or parasites that could cause harm to the human body of all ages. People can be hurt or killed by exotic pets in angry.

What's Illegal and Legal about Exotic Pets

This is what's legal and illegal about keeping exotic pets. If you live in the State of Ohio, and possess a ‘restricted animal species’, you can get a permit for the animal(s) by 2014, but theres a catch; the owner must meet strict regulations including registering, and expensive insurance. The coverage ( 1 million dollar insurance policy is required of those that possess a restricted species for educational purposes) and some standards. If owners cannot meet these standards, they will have to find new homes for their pets or turn them into the state where they will likely to be put to sleep.

The animals Impact on the environment

The impact on the environment is : A growing worldwide trade, fueled by a fascinated with the rare and beautiful, often wreaks havoc on Florida’s native plants and animals. These exotic plants and animals are one of the leading threats to the U.S ecosystem and may cause devastating effects on the economy.

This is what the numbers say

The Numbers say, Here are some important statistics and number facts about exotic pets. Millions of wild animals, including reptiles, large felines, nonhuman primates, and others, are kept in private possession in the U.S. The trade in exotic animals is a multi-billion dollar industry. Exotic pets are wild animals that do not adjust well in a captive environment. It is estimated that between 5,000 and 7,000 tigers are kept as pets-more than exist in the wild. A tiger can be purchased for as little as $300.00, or less than the cost of a dog.

This is what the experts say

The experts say, Many of these wild animals have specific climate and have some needs about there diet they are too difficult for people to maintain.” says Jeannie Lord of the Pine View Wildlife Rehabilitation and education center said.

Pine View wildlife and Rehabilitation and Education Center takes in many abused and poorly cared for animals that people think they can have as pets, but experts at the center say they’re called wild animals for a reason.