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Though some may think that Sweden is always cold and snowy, the Gulf Stream warms it and makes it a much milder climate than expected. It has many extremes in temperatures and the record high and low for the past year are set apart by just 91 degrees Celsius. Usually, spring runs from March to May, summer from June to August, fall runs from September to November, and Winter takes place November until March. However, these seasons vary based on where you live. The three climate regions of Sweden are Gotaland, Svealand, and Norrland. In Gotaland, winters are short and mild, and there is rarely snow. Svealand is usually just a few degrees colder than Gotaland, and has more snow. Norrland has the steryotypical climate of Sweden, but very few people live there. Winters are long, cold, and dry and have much more snow, but summers in this region are a comfy 15 degrees Celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit). The best time to visit Sweden would be in the summer beccause of its warm comfortable temperatures. Sweden has many extremes, and sunniness can disappear into a downpour. However, Sweden receives 500 to 800 mm of rain a year, which is a lot lower than the global average.


Languages: The official language of Sweden is Swedish, but most Swedes speak English, so you will not have a problem with communicating in Sweden.

Holidays and Traditions:

  1. New Year's Day: celebrated outdoors with friends- countdown to new year, make new year's resolutions. A new year's verse is said and live broadcasted from Stockholm.
  2. Easter Sunday (Jesus's resurrection): celebrated in the countryside with relatives. It is a secular holiday and most people just spend it with their families instead of going to church.
  3. May Day: the night before bonfires are lit and many people sing, and on May day many people join a May day demonstration.
  4. Sweden's National Day (Gustav Vasa elected King, adopted a new constitution): special ceremonies welcome new Swedish citizens."Every year, the King and Queen of Sweden take part in a ceremony at Skansen, Stockholm’s open-air museum, where the yellow and blue Swedish flag is run up the mast, and children in traditional peasant costume present the royal couple with bouquets of summer flowers." (The Official Site of Sweden).
  5. Midsummer's Eve (longest day of the year celebration): Celebrated in the countryside. There are maypoles and there is dancing to celebrate
  6. All Saint's Day (celebrates all saints): there are candlelit cemeteries and many people take the day off to honor the occasion
  7. Christmas (day Jesus was born): Celebrated with family, high expectations, Christmas tree.
Major Religions

  • 66% of population belongs to The Church of Sweden. It is Evangelical Lutheran.
  • Most Swedes are Protestant
  • Eastern Orthodox
  • Jewish

10 good things to know about Sweden


Historic Sites:

Natural Landmarks


The currency used in Sweden is the Swedish Krona. It is worth $0.12. There is a parliamentary democracy, with a king and a queen as well. Sweden's economy is the 23rd best in the world. Sweden is a member of the European Union but does not use the Euro. The key exports from Sweden are:

  • Machinery
  • Motor vehicles
  • Paper products
  • Pulp and wood
  • Iron and steel products
  • Chemicals


(The Official Site of Sweden)

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Transportation and Lodging

You'll be flying Air Berlin, leaving Friday May 18 at 3:25. Your connecting flight is through Germany, and then will land in Sweden at 9:50 am on Saturday. You'll stay for a week there, and then on Saturday you will fly back at 6:30 to Germany again, and land in Illinois at 6:25 pm.

Cost: $1022.49

You'll have the weekend to explore Stockholm for yourself.

On Monday, you'll take a plane for $133 to Lapland to go skiing and view the northern lights.

On Tuesday, you can take time to visit the castles and palace, which will be of no cost.

Wednesday will be a good day to take a swim, which can be in any lake or river because of Swedish law.

You can take time off for yourself on Thursday and go shopping, which many tourists like to do in Sweden.

You'll visit the Stockholm Archipelago on Friday for $41.52 and tour the natural beauty of these islands.

You'll be staying in the wonderful Grand Hotel Stockholm for the low price of $388! It is located in the center of Sweden's capital Stockholm. It is a 5-star hotel and has features like:

  • Air-conditioning
  • Bar/Lounge
  • Fitness Center
  • Internet
  • Meeting/Banquet facilities
  • No Smoking
  • Parking
  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Resteraunt
  • Storage Availability
  • Wifi
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