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Week of Feb. 8th

Friendship and Kindness Week

Our class will continue to focus on friendship and kindness this week. Students who would like to share Valentines or friendship notes are welcome to bring them in to share on Thursday. If they do, I request that they bring a Valentine or note for every student in our class. The students have a class list of names. Note: It is district policy that no food or candy items are shared at school.

Quite a few are using or Google Docs to create personalized notes.

Preparing for a goodbye to our Chromebooks- BYOD/ devices welcomed :)

Just a forewarning that beginning after Spring Break and through May, we have to say goodbye to our chromebooks since they will be used for SEES testing. We will definitely welcome any and all student devices and get creative so we don't lose the technology activities we are so used to ;)

I will send more info regarding permissions and use in the next week or two.

Note and Reminders

  • Feb. 11th - AR Cut Off for this session - Awards Feb. 19th - Goal 33 points
  • Feb. 12th - School Holiday - Presidents' Day
  • Feb. 15th - School Holiday - Washington's Birthday
  • Feb. 18th - Math Night of the Century - Family Math Night 100th Day
  • Feb. 27th - Father Daughter Dance
  • Mar. 3rd - SMHS Knights of the Round Table visit SEES
  • Mar. 10th - Field Trip: Rancho Buena Vista Adobe
  • Mar. 7th-11th - Book Fair in the Library
  • Mar. 17th - Early Release Day - Special for Teacher Training
  • Apr. 15th - 16th - SEES Country Fair - Corrected Date

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Robot Training
We were excited to share our robots and programming skills with Mrs. Dixon's class. Our class did a great job. Mrs. Dixon is very excited to be able to get her kids going with programming and learning more about robots.
A WAVE OF KINDNESS: Ride the Wave!

No Act of Kindness, No Matter How Small, Is Ever Wasted

Beautiful story sharing how kindness could spread. Kids: this story has a moral or lesson, what kind of story has a moral?

Ride the wave of Kindness. Go to our Kindness Wall and share an Act of Kindness you have done or that someone has done for you.

Featured Kid Blog: Kindness at School

How can you make a new friend at school? Ask this student, she knows!

Featured Kid Blog: Fable

There's no place like home.

Chapter 4 Big Ideas (We'll watch in class on Monday)

Big Ideas for the classroom: Growth Mindset - Episode 4/5

Chapter 4: The World of Neurons

In Episode 4, Mojo and Katie learn from a curious character just how the brain works. They are left more inspired than ever.

Home Discussion Starters:

1. What part of the brain did you learn about today?

2. What did you do today to make connections between your neurons?

3. What is one big challenge you've faced that has helped grow your brain? What’s a new challenge you want to tackle now?

Class Donations Wish List

Ongoing needs and wishes