Passage to Laos

By Murray


Laos's official name is Lao People's Democratic Republic. There are about 6,665,000 people in Laos. Money in Laos is called Kip. It is usually hot and wet in Laos.

In and around Laos

The capital city of Laos is Vientiane. Laos has a couple of countries around the boarder such as China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar. One of Laos's main landforms was the Mekong river.
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Laos's People and how big laos is.

Laos is about 91,429 miles or 236,800 kilometers large. The people in laos are called Lao Lum that is the Lao of the lowlands include the ethnic Lao as well as the Lu, Phuan and various upland tai tribes. Most of the people are Budhist or spirit worshippers.The main language they speak is Lao.

Laos's flag

Laos's flag is below as you can see. The red stands for blood and soul of the Laotian people. The blue stands for prosperity. The white circle represents the promise of a bright future.
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The First Settlers in Laos

Experts think that the first settlers were related to the Khmer people who still live in Cambodia to the south.

Laos's Products and Government

The main products in laos are cattle, coal, coffee, copper, corn, gold, gypsum, hogs, poultry, rice, rocksalt, silver, teak, vegetables and finally water buffalos. Laos is governed by a single party. The leaders of the political party's, political bureau and central committee are the most powerful officials in the country.


I hope you have learned a lot about Laos, bye!