Calibrating Your PLC's

with Paul Farmer, Solution Tree

Best Practices for Fine-Tuning Your Teams

Gain a big-picture view of the PLC process and learn how to customize it to meet the needs of your school or district. During this one-day session, you and your team will discover how to create and maintain a healthy collaborative culture, as well as how to answer the four critical questions every PLC must address.

At the end of the day you and/or your team will:

  • Review and discuss the basics of a PLC
  • Reaffirm the do’s and don’ts of a PLC
  • Learn what highly effective collaborative teams do in a PLC
  • See and share examples of effective team practices
  • Develop a plan of action to continue your PLC journey

Introducing Paul Farmer

Paul Farmer is an experienced practitioner who has worked at the classroom, building, and central office levels. As principal of Joyce Kilmer Middle School, Paul was one of the first principals in Fairfax County, Virginia, to build a PLC. He now consults with educators at every level, from classroom teachers to systemwide leaders, helping them develop and sustain PLCs. His presentations include hands-on activities and practical applications that demonstrate how to build a collaborative culture and a learning-centered environment. Paul inspires participants by highlighting success stories and lessons learned on his own PLC journeys.

Paul is coauthor of How to Help Your School Thrive Without Breaking the Bank and Dealing With the Tough Stuff: Practical Solutions for School Administrators.

Calibrating Your PLC's

Tuesday, Jan. 31st, 8am-3pm

Genesee Intermediate School District, 2413 W. Maple Ave. Flint, MI 48507

Who should attend: Teams of administrators, PLC leaders, and teachers

Cost: $100, materials and lunch included

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