Singha Beer: Since 1933

Marketing, 2015-2016

Umbrella Platform

The key message for Singha beer within the Expat and Tourist demographic will be to entice consumers with TRUST, built upon 83 years of experience.

Further, all platforms, for the tourists and expats, must build upon the Thai icons -- the Thai smiles, exotic location, and warm hospitality. There's no denying that these messages still convey an emotional response.

At the same time, the message will be clear that while Singha is Thailand's top beer, it's enjoyed by everyone, not just older or more established consumers.

In fact, part of the Marketing Campaign for Singha, 2016 will be to revitalize and breathe new life into the brand to convert Chang drinkers to Singha drinkers and to entice new visitors to Thailand with the oldest and most established (trusted) beer brand in Thailand.

In the meeting on October 5th, however, the platform message of "We Have a Story to Share," didn't quite hit the spot from a branding perspective. While establishing the trust and longevity message, the message must also convey a strong message that the future is bright.


Key Message: "Your First Taste of Thailand" / "The Original National Treasure"

Why "Your First Taste of Thailand" / "The Original National Treasure?"

In the meeting on October 5th, it was discussed that while the origins of the brand are present with any current messages, we also need to show that the brand is hip and not just for an older demographic.

With food and culinary pursuits being so hip and relevant (everyone is a "foodie" these days), any correlation with 'taste,' or "Thai food." is very relevant.

Thus, "Your First Taste of Thailand," is basically saying the same thing as "The Original Thai Beer" but has updated the slogan for more relevancy and hip-ness.

  • The message is cuisine oriented
  • The message still extends the message to be about trust and longevity
  • It also grants ownership with the word "your" rather than "the" which is a bit more aloof.
  • It extends the message of Thainess through taste, which is what Thailand is really about.
  • Nothing is a more proud accomplishment in Thailand than it's cuisine. And now, Singha beer is part this message and accomplishment.
  • Lastly, while Singha may be your "first taste," there's always a 2nd taste, a 3rd taste, etc giving more relevance to the idea that there's so much more to come from Singha. This "first taste," is simply the beginning to such much more.

As a 2nd alternative, I also like "The Original National Treasure."

Yes, this is a bit lofty and grand, but will be backed up some lighter and slightly comical messages.

  • The word "treasure,' is full of mystery, fun, and adventure -- just what a beer should be. "Treasure" also indicates something that has been around for a long time and is well established. Further, "National" lends itself to Nationalistic pride.

But let's take this further, as I don't think it stands on it's own very well and needs humorous back-up:

Singha Beer:

  • The Original Air-Con
  • The Original Thai Smile
  • The Original Angel in the City of Angels
  • The Original Passport Stamp
  • The Original Thai Massage
  • The Original Exotic Fruit
  • The Original Thai Hospitality
  • The Original Word for Fun
  • The Original Smiling, Fun Loving, Friendly Bunch

On their own, which each is humorous in their own way, and they cater to the word 'original,' which gives trust, brand, and longevity.