high fashion sapphire earrings

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Earrings That Appear Great in the Workplace or on the Dance Floor

An accessory truly could make or break an outfit. Irrespective of whether you're trying to produce your look additional casual, additional expert or just slightly fancier, the right jewelry can definitely be the element that ties it all collectively! Earrings are one good approach to keep your wardrobe versatile and feminine. The ideal pair of earrings can make an office suit a lot more experienced though generating a cocktail dress classier simultaneously. To assist you out we've put collectively some concepts that may aid make your wardrobe suitable for any occasion. Have a look at a number of the ideas beneath and get ready to be beautiful in the office, on your initially date or when you're dancing all evening within the club!

Sterling Silver/Palladium/18 Karat Vermeil Aquamarine & Green Sapphire Earrings

Blonde hair and blue eyes will shine beautifully with these earrings as an accent! The milky blue aquamarine is a soft and delicate accent to any facial structure. Surrounding these charming aquamarine stones are four green sapphires. The deep green stones are a striking contract to the milky blue, providing a subtle but noticeable hint of beauty to your outfit. These lovely earrings give a gorgeous accent to any formal dress or any office suit. Give your outfit that simple accent that pushes your appear to the next level with the Sterling Silver/Palladium/18 karat Vermeil Aquamarine & Green Sapphire Earrings.

Sterling Silver / 18 Karat Vermeil Smoky or White Quartz & White Sapphire "Honeysuckle" Earrings

Want an amazing pair of drop earrings that will imbue any outfit with charm and grace? These quartz earrings are beautifully cut to provide endless sparkle and shine. They're available in either smoky quartz or white quartz, so these darling dangle earrings will be a spectacular addition to your jewelry collection. The Sterling Silver / 18 karat Vermeil Smoky or White Quartz & White Sapphire "Honeysuckle" Earrings are a glowing piece of decadence that will will make you appear rich and sophisticated. The quartz stones are a diamond cut which provides the perfect leverage for reflecting light and creating a beautiful shimmering shine. With the white quartz earrings, you'll have a pair of earrings that you can wear with any color or pattern, but you can always go with the smoky quartz if your wardrobe contains mostly earth tones.

Sterling Silver / Palladium / 18 Karat Vermeil Hand Carved Italian Shell & Orange Sapphire Earrings

These earrings are certainly a work of art. Made from Italian shell, these cameo earrings are a truly stunning piece of jewelry. This piece had both sterling silver and 18 karat vermeil, which makes it versatile and able to mix and match with both silver and gold jewelry. The lovely cameos are accented with two orange sapphires which bring out the depth inside the color from the Italian shell. The Sterling Silver / Palladium / 18 karat Vermeil Hand Carved Italian Shell & Orange Sapphire Earrings are a amazing piece of jewelry which ooze professionalism and demand respect in the office. After work, when you are out for an evening meal, these earrings will translate perfectly to a classy dinner. The handmade craftsmanship of these earrings will have all sort of admirers asking about your treasured earrings!

14 Karat Gold Long Onyx Drop Earrings

These jet black onyx earrings practically demand respect from anyone you are talking to. With a feminine twist of gold floral design, these earrings are far more powerful than you think! The 14 karat Gold Long Onyx Drop Earrings are a stunning and glamorous pair of earrings that carry that feeling with any outfit and in any setting. Each earring has a lovely and secure butterfly backing so when you are changing your outfit from work to club, the earrings stay put. The butterfly backing and the settings are a gorgeous 14karat gold. Pair these with a strapless dress for the perfect accent. Or, wear them with a powerful suit to create your presence known within the board room. The floral design gives you the feminine touch that you want, while still keeping your stance as a powerful member of your team. These earrings are so versatile you'll never want to take them off!

Sterling Silver Dyed Pink Sea fashionable sapphire earrings

Want beautiful accessories, but feel passionate about using renewable resources? You'll love these sea bamboo earrings that are cousin of coral, but grow at a much faster rate; much like its on-land relative, coral, sea coral is a quickly grown resource. It has exactly the same wonderful color as natural coral, so this piece has both the earth friendly factor you feel passionate about as well as the gorgeous color you crave. These earrings are the perfect complement to a black power suit or even a brown work dress. Easily transfer them to a lovely dinner date and they will bring out the color in your rosy cheeks.