Mood disorder myths

Carly Sexton

Depression is more than a sad feeling

Depression is a mental illness and not something that someone can just snap out of when they feel like it.

The idea of feeling depressed or down differs from actually being diagnosed with depression.

It is a low point that can not be turned on or off by yourself

"Depression only occurs when bad things happen"

Although life events can lead to depression, it is not the only cause and there is many different causes.

Changes in the brain, family history, personality, drug and alcohol use, and serious medical issues can all be factors or causes of depression. It can happen at anytime so it doesn't need to happen directly after a traumatic event.

Post partum depression is NOT an excuse women use for being bad mothers.

It is actually because the mother may be intensely worried about the baby, this leads them to be unwilling to take care of them because fear of harming the baby.

Side affects can be: suicidal thoughts, hallucinations, delusions, frantic energy and more.

Bipolar disorder is not always experienced the same way!

Bipolar can range from having moments of mania to clinical depression. Not everyone who has Bipolar disorder will range on such a high scale as other people might, or experience such high levels of mania or depression, while others might.

Mania which causes elevated mood does not mean that it is fun. It can result in overspending, extreme agitation, risk taking, rapid speech, and can lead to the crushing feeling of depression afterwards.

Only people suffering from depression are suicidal? Myth.

Sadly, a larger portion of people who commit suicide are depressed, but there is still people without depression, or with different mood disorder as well.