Abraham Van Helsing: Vampire Hunter

Seyi Osunsade 6th Period

A Man of a Few Wise Words

Van Helsing was looked up to by most of the characters in this novel for a variety of reasons. He was quick, smart, and a leader by all means. He was the first to think of vampires and how to rid the world of them. Van Helsing was the Alpha hunter that got his job done very quickly and without complain. He had a prescience about vampires and the un-dead and because of his quick thinking and ability to put together stories he had heard about, he and the rest of the anti-Dracula club were able to rid the world of the count and all the other ungodly creatures he would have created. He did much thinking, said what he meant and meant what he said. He knew how things were supposed to be done and because of this he was able to save many lives (Arthur's included). And even if his was were sometimes harsh or brash, he did not apologize for acting the way he did; he always had an explanation.

Seyi Osunsade

About The Doctor

Van Helsing was a teacher, whom many looked up to(a fact that Dr. Seward could vouch for). He was respected and well received. Unlike most men of his era, Van Helsing had an open mind that led him to many discoveries. He respected the people he came in contact with and looked over the characters of this novel like they were his family. He learned quickly and did not hoard the knowledge; he willingly shared with people who would listen, and that is ultimately what led to Dracula' s demise.

Seyi Osunsade

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Not of the Same Breed

Van Helsing had a lot of things that made him stand out from all the other characters of the novel, a lot that were overshadowed by their character developments. the fact that he would rather learn from than be afraid of vampires shows something of his character. it shows the reader that he had a brave spirit that was fueled by curiosity rather than fear, which is quite opposite from all the other characters. When the time came, he was ready to act and not question the information he was given...unlike some of his fellow vampire hunters. He also was the only one who was open enough to suggest something as crazy as vampire hunting to his fellow man, so he was not afraid to challenge the norm. He stuck out, he knew this, and he embraced that fact.

Seyi Osunsade

Down and Dirty

One thing could be said of Dr. Abraham Van Helsing: He was not afraid to get down and dirty. And to some extent, this common phrase could be taken to a literal meaning for him. He walked Graveyards (Heck,He even stayed over night sometimes!), He dug up dead bodies, he killed creatures of the night (just ask Lucy), and he walked away from every interaction emotionally unscathed. Throughout the novel, readers are able to take away certain facts about this mystery doctor. He is not afraid: He watches the vampires and comes up close and personal with them. He is ready for action: he was the first person mentally prepared for the Dracula battle. And he fights for what is right: He found out how to kill Dracula (again) and how to save not just Mia, but the little boy that was abducted by Lucy. The reader probably paid more attention to one of the other characters, but even though he was not talked about as in depth as the others, Van Helsing leaves a mark on all of us. He wasn't afraid to get down and dirty.

Seyi Osunsade