By: Alex Santos

How is Leprosy caused and what are the symptoms

Leprosy is caused by rod shaped slow multiplying bacillus, found In infections when cells crowd around the organism in deep skin layers, also found in armadillos. most importantly the disease affects your peripheral nerves making small parts of your body lose all feeling causing them to fall off.


When leprosy was still a pretty new disease people used the oil of the Chaulmoogra nut. The oil was very painful although most people didn't mind. In the 1940s a drug was made called the sulfa drug but a lot of people hid because you had to be isolated until you were cured, if they found you with leprosy. If you have leprosy you should tell your doctor, and if you do, you'll have to take treatment for as long as 6-months to 2-years, or you might get sick again.


Leprosy can be spread from person to person if he or she sneezes or coughs. The cough/sneeze can stay in the air and be inhaled by someone else.

Who is at risk

Leprosy is very common in warm/wet areas in tropics and subtropics. like India, Indonesia, Brazil, and Nigeria some islands as well.

History of leprosy

Evidence of leprosy could take us as far back as 4000 BCE when scientist found a Greek word (leprea) witch means removal of scales. also could have came from 13-1500 BC. Now a more recent out-break in 2008, 249,000 people were diagnosed with leprosy. The most recent out break was June 11, 2014, 24 people were diagnosed and 18 childen died.

Symalar diseases

Tuberculiod leprosy


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