Weekly News for Room 205

Ms. Howey's Class

September 28-October 2, 2015

  • A HUGE thank you to everyone who attended our 1st class Scrabble Party On Friday! A good time was had by all and many awesome words were made! We had over a dozen parents and grandparents join us! (See photos below.) Thanks also to the families that donated our snack and drink!:)

  • We took our 2nd spelling test last week. As you look at your child’s test, please notice if the words are not spelled correctly, is the spelling close or not to being correct? Also, did your child study their words? Did they do well without studying? This will help to make an informed decision about how challenging your child's words need to be. It's also important to monitor that your child knows the meaning of the words they are studying. Thanks!

  • Pringles Challenge Update: We'll finish designing our packages with our partners. We are also measuring each package's volume and mass. Ask your child if they remember the formulas for these measurements!

  • Things to ask your child about: Pringles Challenge, Trombly Terrier Trot, GRA , Storybird, logo contest.
  • Our students will be participating in the Trombly Terrier Trot on Friday, October 9th. The PTO is challenging each student to raise $50 (or more) in pledges. This fundraiser run will help raise money for our school and activities. Donations are due by October 16th.

  • Logo Design Contest...many of our students have expressed an interest in having a T-Shirt with a logo for our class. I'm sending home a logo entry form. Logos may be hand drawn or designed on the computer. The logo should be something that represents everyone in our class in a positive way. :) (Participation is optional.)

***Entries are due by Friday, October 9th. In honor of "Star Wars Reads Day" (Oct. 10th), the 2 logos that receive the most votes, will receive a limited edition box of Star Wars cereal!:)

  • Thank you for supporting your child's reading growth by making sure that they get plenty of practice, at least 20 minutes per night. We will be transitioning to a class blog in the coming weeks, stay tuned for more info.

  • I appreciate our parents continuing to sign the planners nightly.

  • Remember...together we’re better!
Sincerely, Susan Howey

Global Read Aloud Countdown

MANY THANKS go out to Mrs. Kinsley for creating a beautiful countdown for the Global Read Aloud! The GRA begins on October 5th, and we'll cut off a fish each day as the start day comes closer! This year's book is, "Fish in a Tree" by Lynda Mullaly Hunt.
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Connecting with the Author

Even though we haven't even started reading, "Fish in a Tree" yet, we've already connected with the author, Lynda Mullaly Hunt. She loves the countdown (that Mrs. Kinsley made us) so much, that she made it her header (photo) on Twitter and gave our class a shout out! Being a connected class is awesome!:)
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A Map of the Many Places Where Students are Involved in the Global Read Aloud

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Ways to Help Your Child Read (better)

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