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Real world marketing is the most efficient way to get sales and business

It has been reported that on an average about of 70% of the people that are in custom apparel business do not have a web presence at all; and when we ask people from our industry that from where do they get most of their business?, 90% at least say word of mouth. So even those people that have websites or have Facebook pages and things like that – Still the vast majority of their business is from one person telling another person - i.e. Word of mouth and real world marketing.

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Improve your business through social marketing, networking and word of mouth.There is a ton of buzz about Social Media and how to market through web traffic, but that isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially as a new business owner.
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Learn how social marketing can bring sales and leads, how your business can benefit from your contacts in the real world. Marketing professionals Mark and Marc discuss about using social (Not social media) marketing to your advantage.