Latin, why did we stop using it?

was it important?

Is Latin Dead?

Although there are numerous reasons why people stopped speaking Latin, the main reason is because of the decline of the Roman Empire. It is true that Latin is not completely dead, because there are some people that do still speak it and certain Latin words are used in our everyday language. The dialects that are still related to Latin are known as our "Romance" languages, such as Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French.

Since Latin is the basis of many languages and is also found in the roots of many English words I think it was a very important language.

The Latin Alphabet - Consonant Pronunciation

Common English Words Taken from Latin

casa - small house , gave us Casino

schola - school, gave us Scholar and School

beata - happy, gave us beatific and beatitude

villa - house, gave us Village

quieta - quiet, gave us quiet and disquiet

Poem Translation

A Bed Of Clouds

I sleep in the clouds, dream in the sky,

I'll keep dreaming as life passes me by,

I think my dreams keep me sane,

I dream of happiness, a life without pain,

some people say I'm stuck in this place,

and I'll never go anywhere,

but in my dreams I've already been there,

I know some day I'll have to wake up,

but I feel the real world is more like a nightmare,

I'm safe in my closed eye wonderland,

this poem goes to all the dreamers that understand,

no matter what they say...

keep your dreams but don't dream your life away,

Latin Version

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Some Facts About Latin

1. Latin language was spoken by Romans

2. Some classics were written in roman

3. Latin is frequently used in medicine laws and science

4. 60% - 70% of English words come from Latin