The disasters of every animal

By: Jerold land

The disasters of every animal

People can negatively affect ground waters, surface water and ocean ecosystem by oil spills, over fishing, loitering, air pollution and fertilizers.

The innocent creatures can be killed by allowing those things and

making these animals have a harder time finding a home.

These things can harm innocent creatures.There are so many ways to prevent these things from happening.

preventing harm

To prevent oil spills booms can be used to contain the spilled oil which may then be recovered using skimmers.

Limit on the total number of fish caught and landed by fishing.

To prevent loitering use fewer plastic products and don't purchase items that exploit marine life.

In order to reduce air pollution conserve energy.

Reduced tillage and physical conservation measures can protect surface

water from eroded soil.

Human population have a greater impact on ecosystem than

any other population of most other living thing.

Simply because we dig deep into the ground for petroleum to make fuels, plastics and other products.If we do our job we can help the ecosystem and have a positive affect.