All about T.J.

By: Katelyn Bryfczynski

1. What is your most extreme fear?

His basement

2: Describe your favorite t-shirt. Why do you like it?

His ¨i´m a raider¨ shirt. He likes that t-shirt, because he earned it by being nice and helping others.

3: What do you think you will be doing in 20 years?

  1. He thinks he will be sitting on the side of the road in his cop car.

4: T.J.´s favorite type of music? T.J.´s favorite singer? T.J.´s favorite song?

His favorite type of music is country, his favorite singer is tim migraw, his favorite song is live like you were dieing.

5: What is your favorite book genre? Why Who is your favorite author?

His favorite book genre is, non fiction, because you learn more things with non fiction than fiction, and his favorite author is Emily may.

6: If you could be anyone or anything for 1 day, who or what would you be? Why?

He would be an american eagle, because so he can represent his country, and see how it feels like to fly.

7: If you have money to help anyone or any group of people in the world, who would you help and how would you help them?

He would help Africans get water, he would make a bunch of wells for water and plant a bunch of crops for them.

8: If you have 3 wishes, what would they be?

1. to get ride or starvation and dehydration, 2. everyone the correct medicine that they need, 3. everyone having livable house´s.

9: If you had 1 day that you could do absolutely anything that you wanted, what would you do?

He would want to fly.

10: What is your favorite TV show? Why? Who is your favorite actor or actress?

His favorite t.v. show is the crocidile hunter, because you learn about nature and animals. His favorite actrees is Sky Jackson

11: Where would you go if you could travel anywhere in the world? Why?

He would go to Wyoming because theirs the devils tower that he wants to climb.

12: Where do you want to live after you graduate? Why?

He wants to live in Oshkosh because he can see his mom and dad who live in Pulaski, and his grandparents who live in Milwaukee.

13: What is your favorite place to go out to eat? Why?

His favorite place to go out to eat is noddles and company, because they have great food and a soda machine where you can pick a lot of different kinds of soda.

14: If you could meet anyone living now or in the past, who would that be? Why? What would you ask or say to them?

He would want to meet his great grandpa, becuase he only got to see him once in his life when T.J. was 5 months old, and he would ask him what his job was and about him.