The Vegan Diet

Good or Bad?

What Is A Vegan?

The definition of a vegan is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, mostly in their everyday diet, as well using animal products in the rest of their daily life. A person that follows these rules in their life are known as a vegan

How Does It Work?

Vegans take the vegetarian diet to a whole new level. Most of the time vegans are animal rights activists who don't believe in using animals products for any purpose. That being said they exclude all animal products from their diet. Even though they cut things out of their diet they can still eat regular things. Dessert for example, they can have cake, cupcakes, or other things. But you should just go from eating meat everyday to completely stopping. You should do about 3 days out of the week and gradually go to no meat or any animal products.

Pro's and Con's? Peolpes opinions


Some scientist have come to the conclusion that a plant-based, a vegan diet, reduces the risk of number of disease. The major ones are cancer, diabetes, kidney disease along with many more diaereses. According to a nutritionist named Winston Craig, vegans diets tend to healthier, than a normal American diet. Since their diets tend to be so much healthier, than also tend to be thinner, with lower serum cholesterol and lower blood pressure. Not only that vegans along with vegetarians have a lot lower testosterone levels than people that eat meat.


Some people would say that since humans are omnivores, we function best when we have both plants and animals in our diets. There are some nutrients that can only be gotten from plants, like Vitamin C, and there are some nutrients you can only get from animals. For example B12 is critical for life and isn't found in any amount in plants (except some types of algae), this is by far the most important nutrient that vegans must be concerned with. In fact, B12 deficiency is very common in vegans, one study showing that a whopping 92% of vegans are deficient in this critical nutrient. B12 is not the only vitamins that vegans can't get from their plant-based diet. There are other lesser known nutrients that are found in animal foods and are very important for optimal function of the body.