Fort Wayne State School



  • Opened in 1890
  • Fort Wayne School for Feeble-Minded Youth
  • Served "mentally retarded" children
  • Included other developmental disabilities of all ages
  • Housed 172 individiuals
  • In 1931, the school was changed to Fort Wayne State School
  • Closed in 1982

Original Location

Fort Wayne School for Feeble-Minded Youth originated on East State Street.

Stellborn and St. Joe Roads

kin 1960, the residents moved to the new location. Some residents did stay in the old location for 20 years.

Bob Arnold Northside Park

In 1982, after the original building was taken over by vagrants and rats was demolished to make room for The Northside Park.
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What Was On Campus?

-The School

-Administration Building

-Industrial Arts Building




Vocational Arts

According to the Allen County Public Library records, the vocational arts were split up based on gender. The females were able to partake in the domestic art of cleaning, cooking, canning, dressmaking, loom weaving, and laundry.

The men learned carpentry, agriculture, painting, upholstering and the making of mattresses, shoes, and bricks.

Photo Gallery

This is a facebook page on Vintage Fort Wayne which includes an album dedicated to the school.

Katie Jackson SPE 519 Spring 2015