Rock Ridge Update

April 3, 2020


A very special thank you to our school community through these tough times. We have received so many positive notes and feedback and your patience is appreciated. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Spring Break

Spring Break will take place next week and there will no virtual postings for 4/6-4/10. Teachers and students should enjoy this time with family and stay healthy.

Meals During Spring Break

Meals Program During Spring Break

The LCPS meals service will continue to provide breakfasts and lunches for students throughout the week that was designated as Spring Break on the LCPS 2019-2020 academic calendar (April 6-April 10). From Monday, April 6, through Wednesday, April 8, the meal service at the schools and those delivered via school bus will continue on the current schedule. Meals for Thursday, April 9, and Friday, April 10, will be made available on Wednesday, April 8, during the regular meal program at schools and on buses. Please visit the interactive map to identify the nearest bus stop for mobile service; the list of schools where meals are being provided is also available online.

Quarter 3 - Grades

The third quarter will be considered completed on March 11th. Beginning immediately, teachers will be accepting missing assignments and arranging eligible retakes assigned prior to and including March 11th. On April 17th, teachers will discontinue accepting these assignments and close the gradebooks for the third quarter. Grades will be submitted and finalized on April 24th.

We are awaiting directions regarding the 4th quarter, averaging and the grade closures for this year.

Continuity of Learning

Continuity of Learning

    • All contacts with students/classes will not be live events (asynchronous).
    • Content will enrichment and should not exceed 30 minutes per subject per day (total of 150 minutes per subject, per week).
    • We will not have A/B days as this is asynchronous. Students can create their own schedule.
    • Thursdays will be an Office Hour Day – students may contact teachers via email with questions and concern they may have.
    • Activities will be engaging and fun - please have students log in to be sure they are accessing Google and Google Classroom and reach out with questions/concerns.

Dual Enrollment Courses

DE Coursework

Dual enrollment courses are awarded college credit and this coursework will resume on Monday 3/30/2020. Both the college and the school will remain flexible in both content and delivery and work with student to complete the course successfully. Please have student check their school accounts and Google Classroom accounts as soon as possible.

AP Coursework

AP Coursework

AP courses will not deliver new material, though they may review for the College Board assessments for credit. This link provides resources and the test schedule through College Board and teachers will provide enrichment material to students

Awesome Seniors!

Please follow us on Instagram and Twitter as we celebrate our seniors. We have begun exploring and planning a variety of virtual graduation options and celebrations - so stay tuned. We love our seniors and are so proud of their warmth, dedication and successes.

Standardized Testing

Due to the United States Department of Education’s approval of Virginia’s request to waive SOL testing in Reading, Math and Science, the spring non-writing SOL test administration is currently unavailable. No assessments taken during the 2019-2020 school year will be used for 2020-2021 accountability. The spring non-writing test administration will be extended through late September for students needing to take non-writing tests to earn verified credits. The summer non-writing window has been eliminated due to the extension of the spring non-writing test window.

Refund Information

Spring Sports Fees: We are awaiting a timeline regarding these refunds and will communicate it when we get this timeline.

Parking Fees: We do not have a directive from LCPS about Parking Fees at this time.

Field Trips: Many sponsors have already requested refunds. The DECA Trip, Yearbook, Debate, etc. have already been in touch and your refunds will be coming as soon as possible.

Senior Dues: We are hoping to celebrate our seniors and these dues pay for cap and gown, senior shirt and the senior breakfast/luncheon. We are certainly hopeful that we can plan some special events for our seniors and will be holding that money until we can propose a plan for our seniors.

School Lunch: School lunch money refunds can be made via the LCPS website using the Meals link along the lower shortcut bar then selecting Payment Options.

    • School Nutrition
    • From the toolbar on the bottom, click on MEALS
    • Select Payment Options from the Red tile bar
    • Scroll down to ‘Need a Refund?’

If there are fees not listed above that you need refunds for, contact the teacher/sponsor whom you paid. There is paperwork that they need to fill out to process the refund.

Critical Counseling Information

The counselors will be putting out detailed information on how to complete your course selections for this year(if you have not met with them yet). Mostly Juniors will need to touch base with their counselors. We have created an online course request change form. We will sending that link out with the other scheduling information later in the week.


Worried about your college admissions status, deposit deadline etc? The National Association for College Admissions Counseling(NACAC) has developed one resource that's been incredibly helpful, the new College Admission Status Update tool. More than 600 colleges and universities have submitted information regarding changes in their admission events, deposit dates, and more. We're thrilled to see counselors share this resource:

Please check it frequently for updates.

Transcripts – If you need a copy of your transcript for scholarships or college, you can make the request here

Be aware that later this week we hope unofficial transcripts will be posted in StudentVue to be used for scholarships or other needs.

Resources and Quick Links

Quick Links:

1. Updates regarding COVID19 from LCPS

2. This link will assist in finding the stops and areas for breakfast and lunch distribution.


3. LCPS - Resources for enrichment and educational activities

Continuity of Education

Using that same link, you may be able to locate ideas for elementary and middle school students. There are also digital resources that LCPS' has approved for parents to use.

4. If you have questions for LCPS, you can submit them using this link:

CONTACT or call 571.252.6499. This hotline is available from 8 am to 5 pm each weekday.

5. This resource is from the CDC. This guideline provides some comprehensive information.

CDC site

6. The National Association of School Psychologists

NASP -talking to children