Jabari Parker Basketball Phenom

Stephen K

The best high school basketball player goes to duke. Which is one of the 6 colleges he was thinking about joining. While growing up jabari has basketball in his jeans his father played int the NBA in the late 70's early 80's for the Golden state warriors. looks like jabari has his dads passion for the game. Jabari has been on Sports Illustrated and Good Morning America. Jabari was also good in school he averaged a 3.7 GPA. Jabari was so good but unfortunately he fractured his foot at the time he was doing the best. Jabari took this time to decide which college he would go to.

Jabari then decided to go to Duke and played there for 1 season.He then decided to go to the NBA. Jabari was drafted second pick in the draft to the Bucks. He also signed with the Jordan brand.

Back to high school he went to Simeon career academy. Jabari is also a good cook. He made a dessert that a verdict said was a 12 out of 10. It looked like a bunch of brownies with a bunch of cheese on it. Always remember that just because you think that you are to young or to small to do something like play a sport. You can always be better then you think like Jabari.


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