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August 4, 2022

Upcoming Events and Reminders

Please read the information in The BULLetin in it's entirety. This is our weekly communication to bring you up to speed on all important information.

Important information, upcoming events, and details can be found further in the Bulletin.

The BULLetin Information:

Week 2 of The BULLetin... again, WELCOME BACK!!! We are SO EXCITED to have you all back in the next few weeks!! We hope your summer was restful, yet adventurous, and you are ready to come back for a successful, supportive, and fresh new year. Our theme this year revolves around Top Gun: Maverick. Teamwork, growth, forward movement, striving to be the best, accepting of others, being supportive and each other's "wingman", and soaring to new heights. We've got this, Mavericks! One of the movie quotes states, "You're where you belong. Make us proud." So,'re where you belong...make us proud! We look forward to seeing you in the coming weeks on our first day back!

  • **UPDATED CHANGES** General Updates and Information
  • **UPDATED** New Murphy Staff
  • Sports Information
  • **NEW** PTO Information
  • **NEW** Blue-Silver Community Bash

General Updates and Important Information

**UPDATED CHANGES** First Week of School:

  • First day of school: Wednesday, August 17th
  • Upon arrival on the first day of school, 6th grade students will report to the Multi-Purpose Room (MPR), 7th grade students will report to the balcony, 8th grade students will report to the gym. This will be their designated areas upon arrival for the entirety of the year. Once the 8:02 bell rings, all students are released to their first period class.
  • We'll be here to help you to your stress! You'll get it in no time!
  • **UPDATED** We will be conducting grade level gatherings in the cafeteria on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We will direct each grade level to the cafeteria at the 8:02 bell for their grade level gathering according to the following schedule: 8th grade: Wednesday, August 17th, 7th grade: Thursday, August 18th, and 6th grade: Friday, August 19th. During this time, we will do a class welcome and discuss procedures, safety, and expectations.

Cell Phones/AirPods/personal devices:

Students: It's that time again... try to figure out a way that you will disconnect from your cell phones and devices during the school day. The Junior High district policy is that cell phones are off and out of sight from 8:10am-3:10pm. Cell phones and other personal devices will be confiscated if they are in sight during the school day. Consequences may be issued.

Parents: Please be sure to have a discussion with your student regarding cell phones and other devices during the school day. Our focus on academics is a priority and the use of cell phones for personal use takes away from our focus. We appreciate your understanding. If you need to reach your student, it is important that you contact the main office to share a message. We can get that message to your child.

Student Rights and Responsibilities Form:

The student Rights and Responsibilities form goes live on August 1st in TylerSIS. Please be sure to read through the expectations and sign the form.

Locker Loads/Building Walk-Throughs:

We will be offering three opportunities for students and families to walk through the building and set up lockers as we near the beginning of the year. Below are the times where the building will be open for you to join us to walk your schedule and load your lockers. We look forward to seeing you!

  • Thursday, August 11th- 4:00-6:00pm
  • Friday, August 12th- 9:00-11:00am
  • Monday, August 15th- 2:00-4:00pm

Student Schedules:

Student schedules will go live for families on Wednesday, August 10th at 4:00pm. Please understand that there is quite a bit of work that goes into creating the master schedule and student schedules. If there are any discrepancies in the schedule (example: missing class periods), then we will adjust the schedule. Otherwise, please understand that specific schedule requests cannot be accommodated.

Curriculum Night

Mark your calendars for Curriculum Night will be held on Tuesday, August 30th from 6:00-7:30pm.

Picture Day

Picture Day will take place on Thursday, August 25th during PE/Health classes.

**NEW** Lockers and Backpacks

Students will be issued a school locker with a provided locker combination. Lockers can be used to hold personal and academic items during the school day. Backpacks can be used during the day, however, please remember that classroom aisles should remain clear for safety and that your backpack should only carry items needed for your specific class or few classes. When schedules are released, it is always a good idea to look at your schedule to figure out when the best times are to go to your locker to switch out needed materials for class. Remember, passing periods are four minutes and should be used to move safely and quickly from class to class, or to utilize the restroom if needed.

New Murphy Staff

Let's welcome the following staff members to Maverick Country!

  • William Gentzler- our ADDITIONAL Assistant Principal
  • Kevin Pacholski- PE/Health
  • Josh Brooks- General Music
  • Patrick McGeHee- General Music/Choir
  • Matthew Graden- Part-Time Counselor
  • Anne Alcala- Special Education
  • Val Watt- Part-Time Special Education
  • Troy Parlier- Technology/Math
  • Dan Tomasetti- Industrial Ed/Tech
  • Ryan Sontag- returning as our Dedicated Building Sub
  • Sara Dobbyn- TA
  • Dave Milos- joining us now from OE as our new Psychologist
  • Heather Kuziel- Leave of Absence cover for Mrs. Keicher (1st semester)
  • Connie Storino- EL Teacher
  • Val Woods- SLP
  • Tamara Gyinan- TA (6th grade)
  • Nabiha Zayed- TA (6th grade)
  • Gemma Lazatin- TA (6th grade)
  • **NEW** Sarah Turner- Program Administrator


Boys Soccer

Any 7th or 8th grade boy interested in joining the Murphy soccer team should have a physical turned in and be registered on 8to18 by Aug 19th. We will be having time on Aug 22 and 23rd to kick the ball around on the soccer field. Tryouts will be on Aug 25 AND 26. All of the practices and games can be found on the Murphy calendar. Any questions please contact Ms. Kerr at

Cross Country (Grades 6th-8th)

Please take a look at the linked information below for information on Cross Country.

Cross Country Information and Schedule 2022

Girls Volleyball

7th Grade Coach: Laura Steele

8th Grade Coach: Zack Donati

Volleyball Information

Volleyball Calendar 2022

PTO Information

The Murphy Junior High PTO welcomes you to the 2022-2023 School Year. Check out who we are, what we do, and how you can help this year! Please also stop by our table at the locker load to purchase spiritwear, enter our raffle to win a prize for your student, and make your family contribution to our fundraising campaign. We are incredibly grateful for your support!

Murphy Junior High PTO Parent Newsletter 2022-2023 School Year

Blue-Silver Community Bash

The OE Wolf Parents PTO have partnered with Oswego East, the OEHS Sports Boosters & Athletics again this year to host the annual Blue-Silver Community Bash! Join fellow community members at Oswego East High School on Friday, August 19th from 4:00-8:00pm to enjoy performances, raffles, concessions, food trucks and a dunk tank with OE staff! There will be lots of fun activities for our future Wolves!

Check out the Blue-Silver website for more information on the event!

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Upcoming Events/Important Dates

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Murphy Building Calendar

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