What is globalization?

Globalization is the coming together of nations using all the advancements in technology, ways of life, products, and communication. The new and advanced technology allows us to interact with all the countries in fast and easy ways.

Technological Globalization: Technology is changing the the way the earth communicates globally. The changing advancements are both benefiting the earth and hurting it. Humans are able to communicate with each other from across the world within seconds by using technology. This is also bad because people are loosing their face to face communication skills. The new generation is used to hiding behind a screen rather than having a personal conversation.

A. The United States is creating/ working on advanced technology all the time. Once America makes the products, they sell them around the world and produce them in factories around the world. Since the US is constantly shoving their new technology in every ones face, countries,for example; Indonesia, might not want the product in their country.

B. Since Indonesia might not want the new technology from America, Indonesia and America can sign an agreement that Indonesia has to ask about the product first before America can try to sell it to them.

Environmental Globalization: As time goes on, the environment is getting more and more polluted. The air is getting filled with exhaust from cars, garbage in the ocean, and litter in the streets. Also, more forests are getting chopped down to construct even more homes, factories, and buildings.

A. The ships used to transport goods over seas are polluting the oceans with its oil. Therefore when ships from America are going to Indonesia, they are polluting their waters and hurting the sea animals.

B. America can make it a law to use Eco friendly oil, or another source that wont hurt the sea environment.

Cultural Globalization: Throughout the years, people have migrated to all different parts of the world and shared there ways of life with others. Their religion, food, clothing, and language are all big parts of what they share. 91% of people agreed that the global economy makes it more important to understand people different than us.

A. The ways of life are being lost in Indonesia because the United States is pushing our culture into theirs and transforming Indonesia into something its not.

B. Like I said before, America and Indonesia can sign something that states, America cannot make any decisions before Indonesia's leader gives an Okay.

Economic Globalization: Economic globalization is the trade and migration of the world. It deals with finance, markets, trading, movement, ect.

A. The United States has very big name brands that seem to be taking over. For example; McDonald's, Nike, Apple, and Coca Cola.

B. Indonesia could make an agreement with the companies to make the brands there own language/ culture so that the people of Indonesia don't feel as though they are being taken over by the United States.

Nike cleats made in Indonesia

My product, Nike cleats, were made in Indonesia. I've done research to figure out where the natural resources were made in, and i think that the resources were found/ made in Indonesia. For example: Their cow hide is from cows in Indonesia and processed into leather in the factories.

Maps of Indonesia

Big image

This map shows the mountain ranges and flat lands of Indonesia. By looking at the map, I can infer that people mostly live in the greener areas. Because people tend to settle near the coast and on flatter lands, the green areas are mostly where these traits are found. The Greener areas are also near the coast and ever since the beginning of time, people have chosen to live by the ocean because it is a great resource.

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This map shows the population density of Indonesia. Looking at the map, it shows where people live by being dark red for a lot of people, and no color for less people. I can see that most people live by the coast of the different islands, but mostly on the bottom island. LikeI said before, the majority of the people chose to live by the coast and in the greener areas. I know this because I compared the two maps together and saw that there was red dots in the green.
Big image

Looking at this transportation map I can see that there is not a lot of ways to get to the Indian ocean compared to how many ways you can get to the Java Sea and Madura Strait. The Indian Ocean must not be as popular as the others surrounding the Island. I think this because there are multiple toll highways, main roads, and rial ways that are spread out along the coast of the Java sea and into the Madura Strait.

Good and Bad

Everyday, we as humans are impacted by globalization everyday without even realizing it. To start the day, my iPhone wakes me up. Then (eventually) I get dressed and put on at least one well known name brand. for example; Nike, American Eagle, or Hollister. I go to school and I am mixed with a bunch of different ethnic groups. Not one class is filled with just one group of the same race.

Globalization is both good and bad in its own ways. It is good because the countries and cultures are getting mixed and introduced to different things, but also bad because countries are loosing their own individual culture because others are too pushy and taking over everything they can come across.