Video games Can level you up.

By: Leo Metz

Adults, this is for you.

Vilonce, brian rotting, being fat. All of the things that video games are blamed for. Video games are fun, and current reseach shows that it can also help. A LOT. So much that it makes your brain muscle grow. But i'll talk about that later. Time to brake out that controller and dive into my ardicle!
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Fat? Play these!

Most adults worry a lot when kids play video games. "Go get out of that chair!"

"Shut it down!" But NOW you can say "hey, can I play wii fit or kinectic with you?" Because you don't ALWAYS need to play call of duty. The wii has a lot of game that require you to move. I mean, even the mario game you have to shake a contoler. Xbox has kintectic too.HAVE PROOF. Pre-scoolers played on the wii for a study, and after a month they could kick and throw better than most kids there age.

healing and other good things

Tech got so addvased that we can use video games in the video games in therapy! This game is called snow world and it's porpose is to keep the person's mind off the sugery. It also helps vison, lets you see differint shades of grey. More than that, surgons that play video games do there job 27% faster and make 36% less errors. Hope that your doctor plays video games? Good. But there's still more to tell.

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School in video games!?

In your time, clearly playing math video games were like eating unsesoned veggies. They were kind of good. Not good enough to be "qalified" to be a "learning tool." But now, most math games are used at schools everywhere. There so fun to play and it shows math and english. Even games that are meant to entertain have troves of info. I play a game called sumdog. My teacher lets me play after my worksheets are done. IN MATH! sumdog is a math game that lets you play math games that are fun and teaches math.
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Another game I found was called dragonbox alegbra. If my data is true, you can learn conplex alegbra without knowing it. But thats just what a found. But video games are more than just sumdog and wii fit. On to the next level!

Grey matter

Video games are fun. And not all of them are used for learning and getting fit. Thats when we talk about neurons. Remember back in the begining of this ardicle? When I talked about our brain muscle growing? Well, video games grow neurons the stuff that makes you think. Small Electric bursts go from your neurons to the others. Bigger the neurons are, the harder you will think. So that means that to make room for these neurons your brain has to make gray matter. So then when you play MORE video game your neurons will grow even bigger!
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There are other things that video games can help, too. Look at this!
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Warcraft, minecraft, and other games.

Games like warcraft are fun, AND you can play with millons of pepole. Game that have a mutiplayer mode are good because you and your friend can grow neutrons. Plus, if you fight them, they can pick attacks differtly and moves and changes style. So you have the problem solving skills going.

Final boss

So, this is the end. You will need some grey matter to prosses all that. Save this data tight. I hope that you know now that VIDEO GAMES ARE GOOD FOR YOU.

And if you pepole STILL don't belive that video games are good for you, theres this.

About the author

Leo lives in noblesville and has a lot of things to say. Of course he likes video games! He really feels this topic and he hope it inspires the hearts of pepole everywhere.