Big Era 6 & Big Era 7

by: Ella Ford, Olivia Smith, Kira Hart, Natalie Broadstreet

Big Era 6: Why is ths time period called the great convergence?

The Great Convergence is called the Great Convergence because "converge" means come together; the world had to come together in order to trade. "Converge means to come together, the country came together in trade with slaves and food." The Nations came together in trade and with slavery. Nations had to work together to have their wants met.
"Europeans brought African slaves across the country", The Big Era 6 Powerpoint explains. Europeans and Americans 'came together' when European took African Slaves."Trade encircled the globe with food, slaves, and animals "(The Big Era 6 Powerpoint). The worlds "inventory" combined with other lands',such as China, Europe, and North America. As explained, the great convergence is called the great convergence because converge mean to come together. The world had to come together in order to trade.

Big Era 7: What changes occured that made Era 7 different from Era 6?

Big Era 7 was different than Big Era 6 because things were modernized and people took advantage of their resources,population was growing too. According to The Big Era Seven PowerPoint,"Human population was increasing as fast as ever." The population grew dramatically from the 1900's to the 2000's: millions of people were born. "There were no limits of energy use", The Big Era 7 PowerPoint explains. There were new sources to gain energy; such as coal, gas, and electricity. When new things were discovered many took advantage of it. Big Era 7 was a new slate for everyone.