Survival Guide for Mojave Desert

Katalina Andrade March 10, 2015

Location, Climate, and Geography

My plane crashed in the Mojave Desert in North America. The had a flat and rocky look, it was also very hot and dry. The average was about 120 degrees. It's super hot!
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4 steps in Order to Survive


  • First you need to try to find water, when you do make a fire then put the water over the water because then it will evaporate and you can catch it then it should be kinda drinkable.
  • Try to kill a animal and eat.
  • Build a shelter if you can.
  • After that go exploring a little then come back to the shelter. Does this until you find something also try to make a weapon or 2.


Snakes, birds,and jack rabbits are some animals that I saw. The jack rabbits starting to run somewhere so i followed. We found water!! The jackrabbits helped so much.

I also saw a king cobra, I was so scared! I could tell this snake was dangerous. It saw me and we stared at each other for a minute then I started to run!

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