Friday Focus

Moreau Heights Elementary

January 29

PBS Focus of the Week -

Our PBS focus for the week is Hallway behavior. We want to be sure to review expectations for being safe, respectful, and responsible.

When supervising we will be looking to heavily reinforce positive behaviors with Charger Cash and Compliments for classes.

Our Character Trait for the month is Hardworking/Motivation

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Duties for the Week

Please see your schedule in the handbook for Charger Time duty.

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Calendar of Events:

*School Counselor Week - Feb. 1 - 5

Monday, February 1

*School Culture team 3:40

Tuesday, February 2

*New Crew 7:00 a.m.

*Literacy Team mtg 3:40

Wednesday, February 3

*District Admin meeting 9 - 11 (Sue at Dix Rd)

*Problem Solving Team mtg 3:30

Thursday, February 4

*Mid- quarter

*Student-led conference 3:30 - 7:30

Friday, February 5

*IEP for JG5 (Henderson, Treat, Haugen) 8:20

Monday, February 8

*ELA curriculum work (Brondel, Reece, Dunn, Rose, Henderson)

*Staffing for JJ1 (Jackson, Haugen, Cummins, Frank)

*Student-led Conferences 3:30 - 7:30

Tuesday, February 9

*Staffing/IEP for AB2

Wednesday, February 10

*Math curriculum work (Albers, Bodenhamer, Steinman)

*Secretary Meeting 1:00 - 2:30

*IEP for ZD5 3:40

Thursday, February 11

*Principal's meeting 8 - 11 (Sue at central office)

*Valentine's Parties 1:45 - 2:45

*TGIF at Prison Brew's

Friday, February 12

*No School/Compensation Day

Monday, February 15

*No School/Presidents' Day

Collective Commitment of the Week

Staff will hold themselves, students and community to high standards

  • We will acknowledge and celebrate those meeting expectations.

Are we remembering to acknowledge verbally, and possibly with Charger Cash, when students are meeting expectations?

Do we celebrate when positive choices are made by a class? Are we focusing on the positive happenings for and choice making by our students?

Staff Recognition - Nominations needed

Please send me your nominations for the staff member to represent us at the monthly staff recognition breakfast in February. When you send me a name, please include a few sentences as to why you feel this person demonstrates what it means to be a Charger. I need nominations by Tuesday, February 2nd.


*Complete all district required videos by February 1st. You have received multiple reminders in Friday Focuses and an email from Central Office. This is done through TalentEd Records.

*PTO and our school families will generously provide dinner the nights of conferences, Feb. 4th and 8th.

*You will want to make sure you have communicated with your room parent about the Valentine's Party scheduled for Feb. 11th. We will allow parents to classrooms at 1:45, not before, to set up and get things going. We will announce the end of the party at 2:45. Thank you for making sure your room parents are aware of this information.

*Information about summative evaluations will be forthcoming. Be thinking about documents/artifacts you have to illustrate your work toward goals in your growth plan. I will be making an appointment to meet with staff by teams to discuss this process.

Rigor and Relevance

Great ideas shared at our staff meeting on Wednesday! The benefit for student learning when we stretch them is invaluable.

Remember, this will be very deliberate work as we get started, "like learning to drive a car", until we become more fluent. Working together and collaborating around Quad D learning (activities, questions, prompts, etc.) will support us all!

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