Be Cheap or Generous ... :S

*Sanving and Spending*

I consider myself as a cheapskate, even though; I don’t like to admit it. I don’t earn too much money in my work, so I keep track of my expenses. I don´t like to lend money to anybody, because I have to contribute money to home, save up for the tickets buss, and for something what I could need. Nobody knows what happen tomorrow, therefore I’m cheap one and again. A good example of it is when I want to buy a special item of clothing. Last week I went with my family to the shopping center and the jackets were on special offer, If you buy a jacket, you pay s/.10 for the second one. My father was about to buy it, unfortunately He discouraged to buy it. Thus I was upset with my father, because if he had bought that jacket, I would have gotten one for s/.10. This might have been the best investment of the month.

But not all the days of my life I’m like this. There are days that I don’t mind anything, I only to be great with my friend, with my family and with myself. I buy or invite some things to them, doesn’t matter the price. These days I'm generous and I like, I feel good.

Is a custom to save up money for the future, I had plans and I´d like to be reality. For example; by next year, I will have moved to Trujillo and I hope to have gotten a good job. By this time next year I will have completed my English studies, and I will have gotten the internationals exams. I plan to study other languages and start to living within my means too, maybe it's difficult, but such is life and we have to learn to live with and without money. The most important is to be quiet and happy.