Relying on Yourself

Peer Pressure

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You Know You Best

During the teenage years peer pressure can occur very frequently. Parents often make decisions for you in your best interest. When they're not around and you are out by yourself it is up to you to be self reliant towards taking care of yourself. Peer pressure is a major reason why young people in America try the things they do.

If the day comes and you have to go to party, you have to be self-reliant enough to not fall into peer pressure to drink or smoke.

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How to Live Your Life

During High School people will try to get you to do things that are not what you are supposed to do. You must be self reliant and make the right choices and not fall under peer pressure. Drugs, alcohol, and sex are things people will try to pressure you into, not just in high school, but throughout your entire life you will be faced with hard choices to make. With self reliance you can do the right thing.
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Being a model citizen

Self reliance is important in the community. There is always someone watching you to see if you are contributing, and if so, in what way. As a citizen of a community it is important to take responsiblilty for your actions and yourself. Everything you do requires you to rely on yourself to take responsibility.

Helping the Cause

Be a model to your peers if you don't do these things. Be a good example for people to look up to. Its not always good to do what everyone else is doing. If it feels wrong set yourself apart from the rest, be a leader not a follower.
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