Live Life to the Fullest

By Evan Taylor, (Period 4th and 5th)

Analysis of the Development of Theme

I didn't have the theme in mind until the end of the book because the theme was still developing. But at the end everybody kept telling Max about how he was lucky to have a friend like Freak or that Freak had lived his life well. It's true though, we will be lucky to have a friend as awesome as Freak was. Freak was always getting Max to hop up so they could go on another quest and that's the kind of friend we all should have. During the book when they met Blade or Iggy or even Killer Kane, it's teaching you to go out and have adventures, do something crazy and have fun. I think that's really important to do. After they encountered Blade they came out and were like, that was freaky but awesome. The part that mentions my theme the most is the part where Freak dies and like I said above everybody said that Freak had had a good life cause he went out and did things like "slay dragons."

Reflection and Application of Theme

Rodman Philbrick developed my theme really well because when Rodman put Blade in the story it hit me. Rodman was building up my theme throughout the book but at the end I thought of my theme. But when Freak showed Max the hospital it REALLY hit me, because that's what we should do, we should go outside, take a walk and live your life. It relates to me and everyone else to cause we should not play as much of video games and get out jump on the tramp, shoot some hoops. It relates to me because some Saturdays I don't do anything but play video games, then I wake up Sunday and just feel like I wasted my week cause I can't play video games on Sunday, I can only read the scriptures, but I like to do that. But yesterday night (9/24/15 8:35p.m.) we were talking about all the animals we have had and I feel so lucky to have this life. I feel like I have lived my life so far from that talk last night. I really liked that book I've thought about it so much.

Visual Representation


Freak the Mighty is an amazing story about the friendship between Max and Freak. Max is living in a gloomy environment and people stay away from him because they think he's like his dad Killer Kane. All that ends when Freak comes into town and turns Max's life upside down. At first Max thinks Freak hates him, but afterwards they become buds. On the 4th of July Max and Freak meet Tony D. (A.K.A. Blade) and he starts to chase them but then the cops show up and get them away. Together they also go on lots of other adventures "Slaying Dragons." Then they encounter Iggy Lee the infamous motorcycle gang leader, he takes them in their house and has a talk with them then he let's them go. Then Christmas Eve night Killer Kane kidnaps Max and ties him up. Then Freak goes and finds Max in a burnt house and rescues him. Everything is okay until Freak has to go to the hospital and he suddenly dies.