T.I.A (This Is Africa)

By: Stephanie Barrera

What is T.I.A?

T.I.A: This Is Africa

T.I.A is a mind set that they have in Africa in which they think that Africa will never get better. They think that nobody can/will change Africa.They believe this will be their lives forever nobbody can change it. That nobody has time or nobody cares enough to change it. So T.I.A.

T.i.A (Imperialism)


a policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force.

That is what's happening in Africa, they are using mitilary force. This connects to to T.I.A, because in Africa they use military force and they have Africa under control. That's why they say T.I.A that it won't change.


T.I.A connects to slavery, because Africa still has slavery and Africa is a country in which a lot of people still are forced into slavery. *Example: Blood Diamonds they had to be slaves and dig for diamonds they were FORCED to. Slavery is something they are forced to do not that they want to.

Blood Diamonds

T.I.A is related to Blood Diamonds , because in the movies itself Danny and a lot of the other characters say T.I.A alot. Plus the movie also captures T.I.A perfectly showing Maddy saying how they should help Africa yet Danny is telling her and explainning that Africa won't change. T.I.A.