Summer Fun!!

QVC has Stella & Dot

QVC Launch!!

Did you see Stella & Dot on QVC?

Yes, we were live and taped on Monday and it was amazing!

There were deals that you couldn't believe, easy pay on great pieces!

Everything was selling out faster than imagined.

Talk about fantastic opportunity to get some pieces with great deals.

Pick a Date, Pick your Gift

So excited about all that is available to you just for hosting, that I'm giving you an onsite gift.

Book a show May or June session then choose your gift*. I'll bring it to your session.

Giving you a piece to hold you until your items arrive. :)

* Qualified show of $250

Call your friends!!

The great thing about the live version of the trunk show, is you get to see so many great pieces and take advantage of the easy pay.

What you don't get are the Trunk Show Exclusive Offers, Dot, Dollars, Hostess Rewards and wine!

What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone, call me, text me and your girlfriends! Let's get together. Create your wishlist, guest list and get it all by hosting your own #TrunkShow

Tons of fun and super easy!

Friends and Fun!

How cool is shopping with your friends!

Do it over brunch, dinner or just have a girls night.

I'm excited to bring it to you