Gray Wolf Gazette

February 3 through February 10

Pioneer Trail Mission

Creating a community of learners where students' are actively engaged to reach their full potential and display positive character.

Character Trait: Honesty

Hardworking and Motivated Award Winners

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Nuts and Bolts

Elizabeth and I are going to switch things up a bit for Teamwork Tuesdays. Through the end of the year Suzy will meet with K-2 and Elizabeth will meet with 3-5. This way both of us are familiar with instruction K-5. This will include some of the sped meetings and TST's also. Just email or stop by and ask us if you have any questions.

Infinite Campus grade books must be updated by the end of each Tuesday with the previous weeks grades.

Make sure your grade level team share files with math data are up to date by the end of each month.

Don't forget to give Suzy or Elizabeth a copy of your mid-terms before conferences start.

Freshen up your bulletin boards before conferences!

Student Led Conferences are February 4 and 8. Students sharing their personal data and using technology are "must dos." Turn your conference plan into Dr. Wilson or Mrs. Milhollin. Remember, even though they are called "Student-Led", parents will still expect to make contact with you so be sure you are part of every student's presentation. Please encourage parents to visit art, music, and PE as well as the book fair. Keep a parent sign-in sheet so you can turn in your participation percentages after conferences are over.

Behavior Management Lesson 1

Remember 4:1 - Positive office referrals are one great way to recognize your students (or coworkers)!

Calendar of Events

Wednesday, February 3

J. Bax out PM

Staffing, St Martins, 7:30

Admin Council (Dr. Wilson/Milhollin), 9:00-11:00

Thursday, February 4

Student Led Conferences - Midterms Go Home @ Conferences

Book Fair

DESE Interview in Conference Room (Dawn Berhorst), 9:00-11:00

TST (Wigle/Plate), 12:30

RED (Ferguson/Gish), 2:10

Friday, February 5

Sprenger out ALL

Earthquake Drill, 10:00

TST (Angle/Earley), 1:20

Saturday, February 6

Shakespeare Pizza Pick Up, 9:00-12:00

Monday, February 8

Angle and Hendrickson out ALL

Student Led Conferences - Midterms go home

Book Fair

Tuesday, February 9

Sandhaus and McCollum out ALL

Teamwork Tuesday

Service Plan (St. Peters), 7:30

PTO Limo Ride for Ice Cream, 12:00

Staffing (St. Martins), 3:30

Wednesday, February 10

Sandhaus out ALL, White PM

NAEP Testing for 4th Grade

Tobacco Free Performance, 1:00

Thursday, February 11

Elementary Principal Meeting, 8:00-11:00

Hueber Dental, 4th Grade, 10:30

Valentine Parties, 2:00

Friday, February 12 - No School!

Enjoy your earned day off!

Monday, February 15 - No School!

Presidents Day