Bill of Rights

Nicole West, 12/18/14, Period 1

Bill of rights

The Bill of Rights is a document that was written by James Madison in 1789 that explains the rights of U.S citizens.

10 Bill of rights

Amendment 1: Freedom or Religion and speech

Meaning: you can be in any of the religions you want and if you have a problem with something speak up.

Amendment 2:Right to bear arms

Meaning: Citizens have the right to protect themselves, so they can have their own guns.

Amendment 3: Quartering of Soldiers

Meaning: Soldiers cant come live in your house whenever they please.

Amendment 4:Right to search and seizure

Meaning; The law cant come take your stuff if they want to do that they have to get a search warrant. So the have to have a really good reason to get the search warrant.

Amendment 5: if you commit a serious crime(murder)the grand jury decides if your guilty and you can only be charged once for a crime.

Amendment 6: Right to a quick trial