uniforms are the bomb

by: jordan conner

intesting fact

  • In 1996 seven states passed this law
  • it makes education better
  • increase the speed of the brian

lets learn what we need at first

  1. uniforms would be a good thing they keep people to do right.
  2. it will help us with alto of stuff right now
  3. you will become a better person

look harder

  • don't bully them because they don't look like you i doesn't matter about that
  • it doesn't make you a better person if you think that good
  • you shouldn't look at there clothes because you should look at there heart

education comes first

  • we can care less about what the teacher says
  • we are more interested on how that girl looks like a dog
  • we forget that education comes before our clothes

how much did you say you payed

  • uniforms are much cheaper than buy 100 hundred clothes
  • clothes are 10 times as much as uniforms
  • you can find uniforms anywhere you don't need to go to that expense places all you need is two or three

when you wear uniforms

  • no one looks at you fun
  • they look at what is on the inside then the outside
  • your education is better and you dont sage your pants

it isn't hard

  • just make a change now you can watch the video
Why Uniforms Are Good For Schools

now go make a change

  • it cant be that hard they did it because they now that it is easier to have uniforms
  • you now can try to get uniforms
  • it isn't easy to put it in action but you can try

her is a chart for how many people wear uniforms

people may not like it but it is true that it does help it most of the time

hope you enjoy

  • thanks for reading hope you find a way