Arabella Hau and Hannah Bickham

Revising for Subject/Verb Agreement

  • A verb must agree with it's subject
  • Identify the subject and make the verb agree to solve problems with subject/verb agreement
Singular: The soldier came home the other day.

Plural: The soldiers came home the other day.

Compound Plural: Carlo and Jenna worked on their project together.

Perfect Tenses and Subjunctive Mood

Present Perfect Tense- has. Ex. My mom has cooked our meals, and now we are eating.

Past Perfect Tense- had. Ex. My cousin had shoveled the driveway before we left.

Future Perfect Tense- will have. By Friday, my teacher will have handed back my test.

Subjunctive Mood- used to convey a condition contrary to fact. Ex. If she were to study for the test, she would've gotten a better grade.


Present- An action that takes place regularly. Example: This food tastes very good.

Past- An action that already happened. Example: The food tasted very good.

Future- An action that will occur in the future. Example: The food will taste very good when it's done cooking.