Law firm!

Essential vocab!


A person or party filling a lawsuit.

Could have evidence to win the case or to get the defendant to address damages in case.


A person or group of people being charged or sued for a particular case/crime. All cases must contain a defendant or the case will not take place.


A complaint/description that is a formal statement that describes and names the defendant and lawsuit.


When the court requests the appearance of an individual in court because the person is either convicted or a witness.


The answering and the complaint combined in a civil court case.

Pretrial Conference

When the parties meeting to address their attorneys held before the court prior to the court case proceedings.


A third party helps the plaintiff and defendant make an final decision.


Third party listens to the plaintiff and defendant, reviews the case, than makes a final decision for both parties


A determination of the legal and facts arising between parities to a civil action or criminal action.

Preponderance of evidence

A standard of the amount of proof the plaintiff must have to win a case.


The final decision made by jury or judge.


The losing party believes the case didn't get trialed fairly in a case the losing party can ask to be tried in a higher court.