A story of sadness, full of deceit and death.

Reviews:The Carpe` Deim

10/10 restaurant, service is spectacular, the food is well prepared a great place to eat, a good price as well.

6/10 Good service and good food, but it missed something that should make restaurants pop out.

Reviews: The Globe diner

9/10 Excellent service, great food. One good thing about it is that it is very close to the Globe Theatre. One con to the the restaurant is that it gets very noisy when there is something going on the Globe theatre.

1/10 Terrible service I believe, I found the food to be utterly appalling. The fact that it's next to the Globe Theatre disgusts me. I will never go back

The Globe Theatre

The Globe Theatre is known for it's pure beauty and the showing of the genius Shakespeare's plays. It was first built in 1599 and continued to show the plays that brought tears to your eyes, shocked ones by the deceit, and overwhelmed the crowd with joy when the hero prevailed and defeated the villian. It had burnt down in 1613 but was later rebuilt in 1614 to hold the emotions of the genius plays made by Shakespeare himself .


This play will show the deceit and greed by Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, several acts will describe the characters and how they execute their plots to eventually win the thrown over by killing off the entire heir of the thrown. Finally stay with us to discover how Macbeth begins to question his motives eventually leading to their own demise.


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The town library

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