Lost Summative Task: Michael

By: Mya

Michael's Personality

Congratulations! You are a primary Planner personality. You're a reliable organizer who can be counted on to implement other people’s ideas and get the job done.

You are conventional. You are the pillar of strength and have high respect for authority. You like to establish and maintain policies, procedures, and schedules. You have a strong sense of right and wrong. You are naturally parental and dutiful.

You are good at things that require organization, dependability, management, and detail. You need to be useful and to belong. You are the sensible, stable backbone of any group. You believe that work comes before play.

Your major personality traits and natural talents are expressed through your primary (first) personality trait.

I personally do believe Michael is a Planner. He was an architect/construction work and artist and both jobs require a lot of planning ahead. Architects spend many months sitting and scanning over their many blueprints. For example, when he was crib shopping with Suzanne he had already had in mind the type of crib he had wanted. Not to mention he also had Walt’s name picked out beforehand.

Another example is when they found the fresh water source, Michael had come up with the idea to create a stream pipe system. After planning and creating a blueprint he created a perfect system.

My final example is when Jack and Charlie were trapped by the rocks. Michael devised a plan to remove the the rocks individually. And when that didn't work he started a plan to dig underneath.

Michael is a natural planner. He plans almost everything without even knowing it.

Michael: Libra September 23 and October 22

Out of all Astrology signs Libra's are the most thoughtful and careful.But can be fun and relax when they feel such. Michael fits this description almost to the T. He takes into consider the people around him before he does anything. For example, when Walt asked why he never talked to him while he was growing up, he could have shown him all the cards that he wrote. He could have explained to him that he was trying to reach out to him but it was his Mother that was preventing such. But after all the previous tensions between Walt and him, he decided it was best to wait. Another example is when Sun revealed that she could speak English he did go off and tell the rest of the group. He kept it secret knowing that if he were to expose her it would only bring up more unnecessary problems for the group.


Michael Dawson lived in L.A with his pregnant girlfriend Susan Lloyd. Susan studies in law school while Michael is a construction worker and has a side hobby as a sketch artist. After browsing stores for baby cribs and other things, Michael and Susan decide to name the baby after Michael’s grandfather. Walter or Walt for short. After Walt’s birth Susan was given a job opportunity in Amsterdam. Susan explains to Michael that it’s for the best that they separate. Reluctantly Michael let’s Walt go with her. Two years later Michael calls Susan on the phone to speak with Walt. Michael then becomes enraged when finds out that Susan is with Brian Porter (her employer). He becomes so filled with anger that he storms off into the street without looking and is smoked by a car. After spending several months in the hospital Michael decides to write Walt a rather cheesy birthday card for his second birthday. Susan arrives and pays for Michael’s medical bill. Michael questions her motives, only to find out that her and Brian wish to adopt Walt. Michael does not see Walt for nearly ten years, but continues to mail him birthday cards every year. Around this time Walt was turning ten. Susan was starting to experience extreme discomfort. She later died of a blood disorder. Since Brian was Walt’s legal guardian, he was obligated to look after him. But Brian just couldn't do it. Claiming that weird things happen when Walt is around. Brian surrendered his custody to Michael. Once Michael was in Australia he finally got to see Walt for the first time in ten years. The nanny handed Michael all the cards that he had written Walt, that Walt evidently did not see. Walt was taken aback, but after speaking with Michael he decides he will go. They both kind of steal Brian’s dog, Vincent. After boarding on the Oceanic flight number 815, they crash and up on the island.