Fifth Grade At Home Learning

Week of April 27 - May 1, 2020


We will continue with our study of the Parts of the Mass. This week we will focus on the responses we say or do during the Mass. Use the sheet that was attached to my email to write what the response is. (I also included a sheet listing the ways you might respond. See how many you can answer before you look at it.)

Take Mass Responses Quiz on Edmodo.


Continue reading the articles on Make sure you are giving text evidence when asked! Aim for a score of 80% or above!

I have also made some recommendations for skills to practice on IXL. After you log in, on the right hand side, it will say "Recommended by your teacher". The skills I recommended are ones we would have done in Wonders at school. (There are also math skills listed there.)

Don't forget to read your 20 minutes each day. Share what you read on Edmodo. You get better at reading by reading!!!!

Listen to the chapters from The War I Finally Won and answer the question about the chapter of the day.


Do SPELLING unit 32.

Answer the question of the day on Edmodo WRITING with complete sentences and proper mechanics. Quite a few of you seem to have forgotten what a complete sentence is and are just writing a short answer. If you have forgotten how, watch this short video: How to Write a Complete Sentence or check the picture below!

Do 5 Minute GRAMMAR on Edmodo.

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Do the math review posted on Edmodo each day and take the quiz on Friday. When I post the answers for Monday's review, I will also post explanations of how to work the problems. They are the same type of problem for the whole week.

Continue to practice your math skills on I have also made some recommendations of skills to practice. After you log in, on the right hand side, it will say "Recommended by your teacher". The skills I recommended are ones we would have done in Go Math at school. If you miss a problem, make sure to read the explanation on why it was wrong. (There are also reading skills listed there.)


Watch "What Is a Black Hole?" on Mystery Science.

Go to Seesaw and do the Mystery Science Mini Lesson - What is a Black Hole? that has been assigned.

If you need directions how to get into Seesaw, email me, and I will send them to you.

Social Studies

Watch Liberty's Kids Episode 2- The Intolerable Acts.

When you have finished watching the episode, do the

"Liberty Kids-Episode 2-The Intolerable Acts" quiz on Edmodo.

(I attached a study sheet to my email so you have an idea of some of the questions.)

News Bowl Weekly

Don't forget you can do the News Bowl Weekly Challenge at home!! The directions are as follows:

  • Go to and at the upper right find the Potpourri Student Signup.
  • Make a Player Account
  • In the first field, you will need a 9-digit ID number to join the Pilot Member Team. use 482304408
  • You will fill in the short form and create a USERNAME and Password. (YOU MUST WRITE THIS DOWN!)
  • You will have created a Personal Student Home Page and there you will play the Potpourri 8-Minute Quiz Bowl each week through May.
  • Do not use a phone or any assistance to answer the 20-question quiz.
  • Post your score on Edmodo. Let's see who can get the highest score!!


Exercises and Plank

Heart rate Activity: Ride your bike

Lesson Focus: Coordination and balance. Draw a Hopscotch court on the driveway and get busy. Draw the court in different shapes to make it more challenging.


Make your morning prayers a song this week. Sing the Our Father like we sang at Mass every week.


1. Draw your initial as a bubble letter.

2. Divide it into sections.

3. Add a design to each section using several colors.

4. Divide the background into sections.

5. Add a design to each section using black.

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Check out the letter from Ms. Heinrichs and the scavenger hunt sheets attached to the email I sent this week.

Memory Books

As we talked about at our Zoom class meeting, if you want to save your memory book pages and bring them to school when you pick up your belongings, that would be fine. You may also scan them and send them in an email. I have received an autobiography that way, and that works fine.

Also, I can also send you the memory book pages in a separate email if you have difficulty printing them off of Edmodo.

So far we have had two memory book pages on A day and B day. There will be eight total memory book pages for you to complete during the ABC Countdown.

ABC Countdown

The ABC Countdown will continue this week with the letters D, E, F, G, and H. Thanks to those who have participated. I especially loved seeing your crazy hair on C day!!
Do what you can and as always, if you have any questions or need help with anything, please do not hesitate to email me!! I'm here for YOU!!

Miss you all!

Mrs. Worden

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