The Daily Houso

26.8.13 by kristian hollist

Black Van Plumits Off Bridge In Claymore after a drug deal went wrong.

As seen by locals a black van approached the notorious Dazza The Dwarven Meth "Wizard" of claymore spring for a suposited drug deal when a stolen Interline bus collided with the van sending the bus off the bridge into a creek. The driver of the vans identified as Jack Daniels was left on the bridge while Dazza made an escape . Jack Daniels was then reported to have followed the local meth "fairy" to one of claymore's finest ladys Shazza daughter of Dazza, the dwarf who tried to sell Jack Daniels Drugs in the first place. The wear about of the van is unknown the local citizens of claymore says there saw the van float down the river hearing people screaming. The Drug King Of Airds may be in the van after he and his son, Jack Daniels, was reported missing the night before. Currently the wearabout of Jack Daniels, the van and Dazza are unknow, police have been scouting the area but are running into trouble with local junkies.