Ebola the most Deadly Virus

By: Luke Robinson p.5 mrs.Mcgaughyy

Beware the monkeys! That where bad things come from (Ebola).

Some people think Ebola came from bats (more specifically fruit bats) and monkeys. With the bats it came from Africa. Bats that may hold Ebola are the hammerhead (no not the shark), Franquet, epauletted, and the little collared fruit bat. The monkeys that usually are from the U.S and how i spread is through the air and it travels in to the monkeys lungs and that is how the monkeys get it. But what about humans?

Well we get it the same the same way as the monkeys. There is another way. The person could touch you and the germs could spread. They could spread when someone coughs in the air and the germs could go to other host which could spread it some more. Where did originate?

It started in Africa along time ago long 200 years ago (I know right). A African man got (10 dollars says from bats)and started getting fever then other symptoms. Then when he went to his home and spread the germs and he kept spreading till he died. Then the people that got infected started spreading that little creep. Why did we just recently found out about Ebola?

Well the government didn't want us to worry about it. They thought it wasn't a big idea but it is especially dangerous in the country's that don't have doctors with not working medicine. They cannot help getting viruses like Ebola. This should be a wake up call for
America because we have medicine that does work but we will not help them. Ebola can kill a lot of humans beings so why don't we help? Is it our government or is it just us?