End of Year: 6th Grade Newsletter

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Thank You!

Thank you for sharing your 6th Grader with us this school year. We have enjoyed getting to know them better and look forward to making new memories and working with them again next year. We hope you all have a wonderful summer!

This newsletter wraps up the school year and includes some summer activities and prepares you for 7th grade. See you soon!

-Brandi Lundgren & Michael Frint

A Little Outdoor Fun - Field Day at JCMS!

Counseling Corner with Frint

6th Grade Family,

What a quick end of the school year, right? We definitely did a lot of growing this year academically, emotionally and physically and in a few short months they are 7th graders! During those few short months, I encourage you to find activities for your child over the summer to avoid what is called the "summer learning loss" concept. There is a lot of research out there that says if academic skills are not practiced over the summer, students forget or the skills they learned may diminish. I am not saying they need to do book reports, research projects, etc. but encourage them to read a book, when doing anything with money make them practice those addition and subtraction skills rather than using a calculator or take an educational trip in the area.

I also encourage you to go to visit the Junction City web-page to find activities in the area appropriate for your children and family activities. https://www.junctioncity-ks.gov/

Lastly, be ever vigilant monitoring your child's social media accounts. Summer can lead to more time on social media as children have more free time. I have included a news article about five ways social media affects teenage mental health. Definitely worth the read.


I plan to use the my summer to recharge by first spending 2 weeks in Dallas, Texas taking care of my 6 year old niece, hitting the gym to burn off that winter weight, buying a new vehicle (hopefully), planning a retirement party and trip for my parents and doing some goal setting for next school year.

I will sporadically be checking my email during the summer so if you need anything it may take multiple days for me to respond. My report back day is July 30th so I can begin planning and working on schedules for your students to start the 19-20 school year. I rotate with the students so next year I am the 7th grade counselor.

Thank you for an enjoyable year and we will see you in the fall!

Best wishes,

Michael Frint

Former 6th grade and now 7th grade counselor


Reduce Summer Brain Drain

To promote your child's progress in the areas of reading and math, below are a few suggestions to explore this summer.


We recommend your child reads out loud for 10 minutes per day from a text of their choice. Afterwards, encourage them to recall as many details as they can and determine what the overall text was about. For book suggestions for your child, please contact 6th Grade teacher Erik Russell at erikrussell@usd475.org. He would love to help!


To review previously learned skills or learn advanced concepts at the next grade-level, below are some websites that can help your child practice, play, understand and master standards so they are better prepared for their future.

- https://www.prodigygame.com

- https://www.youcubed.org (Select Tasks & More >> Parent Resources and Apps & Games)

- https://www.khanacademy.org

- https://www.ixl.com

Fun Summer Ideas for the Week

Big picture


It is now after May 1st so getting your sports physical for the 19-20 school year is a great idea. Don't wait until August because doctor's offices will be filled. Double check you have everything filled out and ask about the asthma action plan. Below is some information included from our athletic secretary.

Please use the following link to download and print all required documents for athletics. You will be required to print the PPE ( physical and consent), and have a doctor complete the necessary portion. Then you will go bluejayathletics.org, register my athlete ( bottom of page or upper right-hand corner), and complete the entire athletic packet and upload your documents, the PPE and consent. From here you can sign up for whatever sports your athlete may be interested in.


Happy Summer to YOU! See you in August!