Disposing of Your E Waste

Savannah Smith

Have old computers?

There are quite a few ways to dispose of your technology that you do not need anymore or doesn't work. Some are very harmful to the environment and people, some are cleaner and okay to use. Here are a few:

1. eCycling

You can give your old electronics to many different facilities that will dispose of them properly and safely.
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2. Donations

Many stores that sell electronics, like Staples and Best Buy, take donations of old cell phones, computers, and more. You can donate to those places in-store, or mail in. Companies like LG and Dell, that don't necessarily have a store, also accept donations by mail. Some places even have recycling events where you can drop off your electronics. Once you donate, they will do many different things with your item. A few things include, taking it apart and using the useful parts that still work, restoring and reselling them, or just selling the parts that are still useful.
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3. Dumping

Some places take electronics overseas to China, where they are piled up and burned. The people that do this also collect the gold, silver, and copper inside of the ewaste.
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