The Temple of Apollo

By: KayLynn Piper and Natalia Caldwell

The history of Apollo and his Temple

The Apollo temple was made and destroyed many times. The god himself was worshiped and loved by hellenic people and the grecians. Apollo was the only known god worshiped in the temple. He was worshiped because he killed a oracle, took the orcale for himself and helped build major cities. Ex: Troy

The 1st temple Apollo was built in the 7th century BCE. Under the architectural guidance. Trophonius and Agamedes. A fire ruined the original. The structure was rebuilt in the 6th century with the support of the exiled Athenian family, the Alkmaeonids. It was rebuilt it again in 330 Bce by the Corinthian architects, Spintharos, Xenodoros, and Agathon after an earthquake destroyed the temple in 373 bce. Skilled Athenian sculptors,Praxias and Androstenes created the sculptures decorating the pediment of the temple.

The temple was again destroyed in 390 AD by Emperor Theodosius the 1st in order to silence the oracle in the name of christianity.

Apollo was the only god worshiped in the temple

The ancient greeks and romans worshiped Apollo

Apollo was worshiped because killed Python a serpent who guarded the ancient site and spoke the oracle,Apollo took the oracle for himself and the ancient greeks renamed the city Delphi because when he was young he turned into a dolphin in order to leave the island he was born on they choose this name because Delphis is dolphin in greek he is famous for being a dolphin because when he was running away there was a boat in distress and he jumped on board and guided the boat to safely to shore.