How discrimination changed America

By Jonathan Ambler


In the past (1900- 2000), African Americans have been discriminated against. They weren't aloud to go to certain places. Women have been discriminated against as well. Discriminating people has not had a positive effect on life today.
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Rosa Parks

In 1955 Rosa Parks sat on the bus in the front of the "colored" section. When the "white" section became full, the bus driver told her to move to the back of the bus but she refused. She didn't move an inch. She was okay with the police arresting her.
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Discrimination in the world.

In Iraq the group called Isis is throwing gay people off the side of buildings to their deaths. Isis also kills people for not being muslim.

Why people have preconceptions of others.

In the past people were very racist towards African Americans, so the ideas travel down through children. People also find humor in making fun of people.

Women's rights in the world

Major events in women's rights

Major events in women's rights are the women's right to vote, and being able to work in the workforce with men.

Women in the world

In the U.S. women are now aloud to be in the armed forces. They also don't get the same pay as men do in the same job. In other countries women are not able to go to school, and are not able to work or vote.

Key people working on women's rights

Key people in the world are Michelle Obama, and Malalah. They both work for women to be able to work, go to school, and vote.

Connections to the book

At the end of the book nobody cared about Jolly until something happened to her. No one cared about women until something bad happened to them.

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