By: Jack Zwiebel

Donate your blankets that you don't need

About Collecting Blankets

I am Collecting blankets for SPCA so animals could have warmth. Donate any old blankets, towels, or anything that could give animals warmth. The SPCA would really appreciate your donations. Thank you.

What I Am Going To Do

I am going to collect blankets from people I know and people from my neighborhood. These blankets don't need to be brand new. They could be old or new. It does not matter what condition the blankets are in. I just hope you can get a chance to donate.

Contact Us

Email- nikzwi@yahoo.com

Phone Number- 610-908-4722

The Problem

all over the world, the animal population is declining. This is not a good thing because our lives depend on them in many ways. Think about it, imagine that you had no home or something to keep you warm. Thats how animals feel. How would you feel if you were one of these animals. That is how they feel.